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A Review of The NEST Thermostat


I was first introduced to the Nest as I was scrolling through my large list of RSS feeds in Google Reader in the fall of 2011.  Since then my interest has grown in the product.  The idea is perfect… take one of the items in your house, the thermostat and make it better. In the past the Nest was sold only through the website but on May 8th, 2012 the Nest became available at Lowes and more recently at the Apple stores and It is always nice when a product comes to a local retail store so I can get some hands on experience and see the product in action even if it is only a demo.

The Microsoft Touch Mouse Review

2011-11-21 22.49.15I have recently picked up the Microsoft Touch Mouse from a local retailer and am very surprised at the functionality that is packed into this peripheral.  In the past I have not been one to spend a great deal of money an any one peripheral but I am happy with the features and the efficiencies that are added to my every day tasks.  At $79.99 I am expecting some great features and a smooth user experience.

Lets start with the packaging, I had mentioned on The Average Tech Guy Podcast that Microsoft crafted almost the same quality packaging as Apple does.  If you have ever purchased an Apple product you know what I am saying.  The box has a picture of the Touch Mouse backed by some pinned stripped variations of yellow, orange, red and is very clean in design.  The front, which is held closed by a magnet, and top of the package lift up to reveal the mouse through a very nice heavy plastic, almost glass looking case.

2011-11-21 22.51.07 2011-11-21 22.49.41