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Home Server Show #115

HomeServerShowLogoSo Dave took a week off and now is back and ready for action!  So is show #115!  Actually, it was just bad luck that Dave’s vacation landed right in the middle of the biggest news period for Windows Home Server this year.  This is a long show and there is plenty to digest.  We have news, forums, the Orlando meetup, and plenty of Drive Extender and HP talk.  Beware though, Dave has a cold and cough and is a bit cranky throughout!  This was a fun episode actually.  As always, the live ustream chat was very helpful and interactive with the show’s content.  By the way, you can join in live chat each week on Wednesdays, 8pm Central at

Listen to the recorded show at:

Home Server Show #114

HomeServerShowLogoIs this the beginning of the end for Windows Home Server or just a new beginning?  Did we let Microsoft off the hook on the podcast?  Is Drive Extender really that big of a deal?  Is Vail really a fail?  You decide after listening to all we have to say about Microsoft’s announcement about pulling drive extender out of Vail.  We have a lot to talk about on this episode and several folks joined up to do just that.


Listen and Show notes here:

Home Server Show #113

HomeServerShowLogoIt’s lucky #13, well…sort of!  Tons of news, Add-ins, Drobo and anything else WHS related we could fine to talk about.  Make sure you listen all the way through.  Dave loaded some funny stuff at the end.

If you didn’t join us live (and you should try it sometime @, you missed some very good chat!  We broadcast live every Wednesday night at 8:00pm CST.  You can get a reminder each week by following my at

The podcast and all the show notes at

Home Server Show #112

HomeServerShowLogoWe talk News, SBS, Add-Ins, and controlling your Windows Home Server from the new Windows Phone 7.  Dave covers RAID with the Icy Dock and some antics at the end, all this week on the Home Server Show! 


Windows Storage Server 2008

Technet blog post on WSS

Windows Phone 7 controls Windows Home Server

MyMovies for iPad Reviewed at

Icy Dock RAID Review covered on the podcast

youtube video that makes Jim go wow! NSFW-Language

Home Server Show #111

HomeServerShowLogoIn show #111 we go over the announcement of new Small Business Server products, Microsoft’s Live Essentials and what the products mean for Home Server users, as well as a couple of server builds.  We have tons of news and Add-Ins for you and our featured guests are AJ Peck and Michael Ross.   Don’t forget the bonus at the end!


Small Business Servers Announced

Windows Phone 7

Add-In: Windows Phone 7 controls Windows Home Server

Add-In: Family Diary

Turn your MediaSmart Server in to a Virtual Machine

Add-In: DNS Updater

Add-In: Home Server SMART

No-Control Project Bios Reset – Discussed in the Podcast

Home Server Show #110

HomeServerShowLogoHappy Halloween everyone!  In show 110 we talk 3.0 TB Drives in Depth, BYOB on the show, and live on ustream.  This show welcome Mike F. from the BYOB podcast and we grill him on hard drives, SSD’s and everything in between.


Remote Alert Update

MediaSmart Chassis as a 4 bay drive enclosure

SSD Drives and AHCI

SSD Drives, RAID, and Trim

Home Server Show #109

HomeServerShowLogoNew hard drives for your WHS but are they for your version?  We go back to the anti-virus debate with new voice on tonight’s show, it’s The Home Server Show, episode 109.  I just couldn’t wait to publish this episode so it’s out a little early.  We have a great interview with Christian Johnson to share with you.  Christian is an up and coming Add-In author and he is starting out with Add-In’s that are near and dear to our HomeServerShow hearts.  Streaming media and Anti-Virus.  This is one episode you will not want to miss!

This episode should generate some interesting conversation so head over to the forums and get talking about it!

Listen Here:

Western Digital 3.0 Terabyte Drive

3.0 Tb Reviewed at

Subsonic in the Forums

Microsoft Security Essentials Add-In for WHS in the Forums

Christian Johnson’s site

We experienced a few audio issues during recording so be prepared for some odd sounds here and there.  I hope I got all the pops and tones edited out but I may have missed a few.  I apologize for that as we strive to deliver the best sound possible in this podcast.