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BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Live! – Show 2

BYOB Episode 25The boys of BYOB were again LIVE at  A variety of discussions from video cards to RAID.  Enjoy the recording of our second live show recorded on  December 18th.  A special thanks to all those who where able to join us and hope that everyone will be able to join us in our next live show shortly after CES.  As always, feel free to contact us as we love to hear from you.  Hope you enjoy it and stay tuned for announcements on our next live show.

Listen to the show at

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Home Server Show #117

HomeServerShowLogoChristmas without Skype?  We all had a hard time believing that Skype had gone down!  So, we recorded this episode a little differently this time and you will certainly hear the difference.  With Skype down, Jim, John and Christian, cobbled up a quick solution and off we went!  It’s still a great show but I apologize for the audio.  We talk about Jim’s Drobo post and what is coming next and our featured guest is Christian Johnson.  Christian shares his latest Add-In with us and it’s upcoming release date.

The entire show can be heard at

By the way, you can join in live chat each week on Wednesdays, 8pm Central at


The BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Podcast #26

BYOB Episode 25

They guys over at BYOB are at it again!  This week, they talk USB 3.0 Thumb Drive, GT 240 Deal, Hardware RAID Controller, and Michaels VM.  They cover some varying topics today starting with some first impressions of USB 3.0 from Tim as well as his GT 240 Deal.  They also cover part two of DE alternatives and talk a bit about hardware RAID, and discuss Michael’s VM build. 

Hope you enjoy the show and as always we look forward to hearing from you.  Happy Holidays to everyone and we hope everyone gets Newegg gift certificates so you can BYOB

You can listen to the show at

Home Server Show #116

HomeServerShowLogoDave tries to pull a bait and switch show!  He had been talking about an interview with Microsoft and thought this week we would get it done.  It was not to be, but there is some extra added to the end of the show, so make sure you listen all the way thru! 

We talk Feedsource for Vail, Cloudberry for Aurora, IcyDock, CES planning, BYOB, a new look for the and more. 

By the way, you can join in live chat each week on Wednesdays, 8pm Central at  And don’t forget to join us for the BYOB live show on December 18th at 11am PST.

You can get the show and notes over at


Play with your balls at work

The BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Podcast #25

BYOB Episode 25

Doc’s RAID 5, Tim has a bad memory? AMD 1100T, AMD 69xx series release date, GTX 570 is loose.  This week we talk about some new products and spend some time discussing Software RAID as part of a ongoing quest for mass storage to fill the gap created by the removal of DE.  Hope you enjoy the podcast and remember to join us for the BYOB live show on December 18th at 11am PST.  Bring your questions and hope to see your there.

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Home Server Show #115

HomeServerShowLogoSo Dave took a week off and now is back and ready for action!  So is show #115!  Actually, it was just bad luck that Dave’s vacation landed right in the middle of the biggest news period for Windows Home Server this year.  This is a long show and there is plenty to digest.  We have news, forums, the Orlando meetup, and plenty of Drive Extender and HP talk.  Beware though, Dave has a cold and cough and is a bit cranky throughout!  This was a fun episode actually.  As always, the live ustream chat was very helpful and interactive with the show’s content.  By the way, you can join in live chat each week on Wednesdays, 8pm Central at

Listen to the recorded show at:

The BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Podcast LIVE!

BYOBThe guys over at BYOB (with Jim too!) are at it again!  We sat down on November 27th and recorded of the first BYOB live question and answer show.  The group addressed a variety of questions from storage, media center, cases,  and of course the drive extender issue.  Thank you to all that participated and we look forward to having many more next time.  Hope you enjoy and of course get your questions ready for the next time.

Listen to the recorded Live Show at:


Once You Know, You Newegg