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Oracle v Google, Bing and Facebook, IE Only on Windows 8, NEST, Vudu and Microsoft v Apple Sales Numbers – HT072

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim and Christian are joined this week by special guest Gordon Schmidt for show 72 of The Home Tech Podcast.  We tried using the very new Google+ Hangout feature called “On Air.”  The show video is now available on YouTube at the Average Guy Podcast Channel.  Give it a try.

MozyPro–secure online backup for businesses

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Listen Mobile:

Christian’s Corner

Christian decided to cover enterprise matter this week. We talked Oracle v Google, Facebook helps out Bing, Microsoft returns to it’s excluding roots and of course a deal of the week.

Gordon covers the NEST Thermostat, Walmart using Vudu to convert DVD’s to Digital and the Microsoft Touch Mouse.

Jim takes a look at the real sales numbers for both Windows and Apple. 

How to Get Started Blogging, Using Lastpass and RoboForm for Managing Passwords and New iPhone or Android Apps – HT003

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Brian, Christian and Jim are together again to talk “how-to” tech for the average home user.  In show #3, we added some new music for the intro and at the end of the show!  Make sure you listen all the way to the end.

For our third Home Tech Show we talked about Blogging and micro-blogging. How To Get Started Blogging with Blogger.com

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Other good sites for beginners – tumblr.com & posterous.com & wordpress.com

Microblogging sites – Facebook.com or Twitter.com

News we covered:

Gwaker Gets Hacked! Link to Lifehacker’s FAQ regarding the attack…http://lifehacker.com/5712785/faq-compromised-commenting-accounts-on-gawker-media

Secure solutions for managing Passwords: RoboForm or LastPass

EA Sports cuts prices on iPhone Apps

iPhone apps – Kindle Reader & Pandora

Android – LinkedIn for Android & Google Maps

Windows Mobile – MortPlayer & Subsonic

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