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GPS Watches, the iPod Nano recall, Online Collaboration, OpenVPN and Microsoft Surface for the Masses! – HT052


Jim, Andrew and Christian are joined this week by Bill Paulmenn for this weeks’ installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

Meteor MicBill has also caught the “new microphone disease”, and the show starts off with Bill telling us about his new Samson Microphone. Jim talks about using a studio microphone along with a set of Yurbuds earphones, which let you hear ambient conversations, as well as the conversation you are partaking in.

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Bill tells us about the projects he is working on, building an HTPC for a neighbor, a new gaming rig, and consolidating some hardware for other folks.

Jim talks about the recent software upgrade coming through to his Samsung Galaxy S Android phone, which has bought some additional functionality, and saved him from upgrading to a new phone, although the Samsung Galaxy SII is a very nice device.

The guys talk about GPS-enabled exercise watches, with Jim favoring a Timex GPS enabled watch over the early entrant to the market being Garmin.  Andrew talks about using a Polar Heart Rate Monitor in conjunction with Runkeeper to overlay heart rate over a GPS-plotted map.