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Free Christmas Music, Yoono, Uptime Robot, WordPress Updates, IBM goes Quantum, Tronsmart MK908 – HT147

Jim (@jcollison) has guests Christian Johnson (@TheWizBM) and Kyle Wilcox (@kylejwx) for show #147 of Home Tech Podcast brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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Get 3 FREE Christmas songs that were played at the show opening and closing from Adam Trabold.  My son Phil Collison helped record the tracks (Drums and Background Vox) and they are used with permission.  Two more songs are available at http://mynameisrudolph.com/.

New from Best Buy Mobile – http://www.zact.com/

[3:29 Announcements]

[4:44 Christian's Corner]

Public/private key authentication versus password based login to Linux systems.

Yoono social media – finally a replacement for Seesmic  http://www.yoono.com/

Uptimerobot – the free awesome alternative to Pingdom  http://uptimerobot.com/

WordPress 3.8 – Ain’t she a beauty – Looks like WordPress.com now

IBM Goes Quantum – Building a smarter planet

Talking About WordPress – WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org, Windows Live Writer, BlueHost.com, DreamHost.com, VPS, Blogs & Blogging, Plugins & Templates – RRPG023

Rich's RPG

WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org

Jim and I discuss WordPress, the free blogging software that makes it easy for anyone start their own web site with freely–available site templates and plugins. Jim is the experienced one having set up and run his WordPress–based web site theaverageguy.tv for the last few years now. I’m just a beginner who’s recently set up a blog so I can post some of my tech–related articles and stuff. At this point, I want to use my site as a sort of catch–all where I can post some work–related articles as well as personal tech notes and scribblings that I’ll revise over time.

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Jim talks about the WP plugins he uses and a number of other WP–related items. It’s good stuff and a lot of it, coming from an experienced web site administrator who’s been at it for a while.

HP TouchPad / WebOS: The 28 Day Experiment – Day 5

Well, I’m back on the WordPress app in WebOS and even using the on screen keyboard to write this post, I can’t say its the fastest way to write a post, but it is doable.  Spell check is very helpful in some cases and maybe too helpful in others.  I would try to write like this all the time.  That wireless keyboard can really be handy.

If you read day 2 – Saving Draft Now!

Okay, that didn’t work like I thought.  When I selected Save Draft, I expected it to just save and allow me to keep going.  Instead it saved it and closed out the post.  Not very helpful if you are saving your document on a regular basis.



When typing using the screen keyboard, its really hard to see the screen.  I find myself watching the keyboard and not the screen.

Another drawback is that every touch means something gets typed.  It takes a bit of getting use to.  You kind of have to hover your fingers over the keys.  That would get a bit much for a long document.  That being said, I am still going on the screen keyboard.

HP TouchPad / WebOS: The 28 Day Experiment – Day 2

This is the second time I have written this blog post.  The first time I used the WordPress App on the TouchPad to write the entire article.  Just before I was ready to post it, I tried to add one more screen shot.  The process hung for about 20 minutes.  Unfortunately, I never saved the post as a draft (something I will do from this point on!) and so when I closed it, the post was gone.  Gone forever.  Bummer.  Huge WebOS fail.  I am still running the 3.0.0 software so maybe the update will fix it.  I will have to try again another time.

The WordPress App looks good from the start.  It gives you a way to connect to multiple WordPress Accounts and perform basic maintenance.  It makes available things like Comments, Posts, Pages and Stats for each site.  From the Posts option, you can select Add New and create a new entry.  It looks something like this…from the first time I tried this!


Besides the first failed attempt, the post was easy to write with the external keyboard.  I wouldn’t be really excited about trying to write a full post on with the on board keyboard, but it could be done.

How to Get Started Blogging, Using Lastpass and RoboForm for Managing Passwords and New iPhone or Android Apps – HT003

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Brian, Christian and Jim are together again to talk “how-to” tech for the average home user.  In show #3, we added some new music for the intro and at the end of the show!  Make sure you listen all the way to the end.

For our third Home Tech Show we talked about Blogging and micro-blogging. How To Get Started Blogging with Blogger.com

Join us for the show live each Thursday at 8pmC/9E at http://theAverageGuy.tv/live.



Other good sites for beginners – tumblr.com & posterous.com & wordpress.com

Microblogging sites – Facebook.com or Twitter.com

News we covered:

Gwaker Gets Hacked! Link to Lifehacker’s FAQ regarding the attack…http://lifehacker.com/5712785/faq-compromised-commenting-accounts-on-gawker-media

Secure solutions for managing Passwords: RoboForm or LastPass

EA Sports cuts prices on iPhone Apps

iPhone apps – Kindle Reader & Pandora

Android – LinkedIn for Android & Google Maps

Windows Mobile – MortPlayer & Subsonic

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The Beta Show! Windows Live Essentials 2011, Skype, Blogger, WordPress, Dropbox – HT001

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Welcome to the first ever Home Tech Podcast.  Brian Burgess and Christian Johnson join me, Jim Collison and special guest John Zajdler from the HomeServerShow.com on a new podcast focused on Tech solutions for the Average Guy.  Got folks always asking you to help you with their new gadgets?  This is the podcast you want to have them listen to!

Join us for the show live each Thursday at 8pmC/9E at http://theAverageGuy.tv/live.

Listen Here:


This week we spend most of the show focusing on Microsoft’s Windows Live Essentials 2011.  Brian’s most recent posts on the WLE 2011 and Live Mail set us up for some good discussion around the platform.

Windows Live Essentials

How to Setup Windows Live Essentials 2011 on Windows 7

Getting Started with Windows Live Mail on Windows 7



Blogger / WordPress


Windows Live Essentials on Windows XP


Website Picks of the Week

Brian – Ninite.com

Christian – Windows Live Essentials

Intro and Exit Music from “Motion” by Adelaide.  Hear more great tunes at  Listentoadelaide.com