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The Microsoft Touch Mouse Review

I have recently picked up the Microsoft Touch Mouse from a local retailer and am very surprised at the functionality that is packed into this peripheral.  In the past I have not been one to spend a great deal of money an any one peripheral but I am happy with the features and the efficiencies that are added to my every day tasks.  At $79.99 I am expecting some great features and a smooth user experience. Lets start with the packaging, I had mentioned on The Average Tech Guy Podcast that Microsoft crafted almost the same quality packaging as Apple

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The Drobo with Windows 7 / Head to Head with a WHS?

Have you been looking for a better way to back up your data other than an external hard drive?  So have many others.  Over the last 3 years, Microsoft has been developing and supporting a product to help you with not only backing up your PCs, but assist you with some network file sharing.  It’s called a Windows Home Server (WHS). Admittedly, I am a WHS enthusiast, blogger and podcaster and have a vested interested in the product.  In November, Microsoft pulled the Drive Extender (DE) functionality from the product and left the WHS community reeling.  Much of this has

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