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How To Shop Tech Smart in a Declining Economy – Never Buy Cables at a Big Box Store!

It always kills me when I shop at Best Buy, Office Max or any other big box store and see the ridiculous prices they change for basic cables.  Don’t be fooled again! A great example are video cables.  Let’s say you’ve just bought that sweet new 26 inch monitor (like me) and you want to take advantage of that awesome DVI (Digital Visual Interface) port on your video card that to this point has only collected dust.  So you buy the monitor (which you should have bought online!), only to find that it shipped with only a VGA (Video Graphics

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The Home Server Show 38 – PP2 Extravaganza!

Show #38 of the Home Server Show is now out!  The show includes discussion on PP2 for Windows Home Server that you will not hear or read about anywhere else!  Andrew Edney was nice enough to interview and he and I discuss the newly released PP2. Links and News Items mentioned on the show Andrew Edney’s Book and Site – Nick the author of AutoExit2008 Add-In for WHS has a PDF discussing the new options for developers with PP2. AutoExit2008 Add-In Home Brendan grant article on new PP2 API’s Alternatives for Media Center Users Recorded TV Manager –

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The Home Server Show 37 – Interview with Terry Walsh of WeGotServed

Show 37 features an Interview with Terry Walsh.  Terry is the owner and editor of In the interview we talk about new WHS hardware and the new releases of WHS software. Links and News Items mentioned on the show Perfect Disk 10 for Windows Home Server The 2008 Engadget Awards.  Vote for the MediaSmartServer here. Upgrading your WHS to a Gigabit Network Add-In: Outlook for WHS Add-In: Media Center Health Monitor

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A Helpful Microsoft Tool You Have Never Heard Of – The Malicious Software Removal Tool

Having trouble with a slow computer?  Things not running right on your PC?  Here is another unknown tool from Microsoft that you can use to help speed things up when Windows gets you down. Most of the time, a slow computer can mean one of three things.  1.  You have upgraded your OS software well beyond your hardware.  2.  You have an install of Windows that gets used a lot (especially by kids) and has not been reinstalled in over a year. 3.  You have a virus or malware that has infected your PC and taken it over. These days,

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Avast! 4.8 for the Windows Home Server

To scan or not to scan (the Windows Home Server)…that is the question.  On Show #28 on the The Home Server Show, a few of us discussed just that particular question.  It was even the topic of a post in a January 2008 review at We Got Served. If you have looked for an antivirus solution for the Windows Home Server, you won’t find many.  Is that it’s not really needed?  Is it that the market for this type of software is still too soft or too much of a niche?  Could it still be too complex of a solution

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It’s been Upgrade Weekend! (On the Cheap of Course!)

So I spent a good part of Friday night and most of Saturday doing some much needed upgrading to the PC I use daily at home.  I know with the economy being what it is and the fact that we have thousands of dollars in medical expenses for Jon’s and Tim’s accidents this winter looming, that this may not have been the best time to do something like this.  However, I had been planning this for some time and I was able to do it very inexpensively.  If you been keeping you eye on the price of computer stuff lately,

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