How to Manage Your Credit Score and Win – FT002

Financial TechAndrew Hunt and Jim Collison are together again in the next installment of the Financial Tech Podcast.  In this week’s Podcast we look exploding the myths that surround the credit score industry and what it mean to you to have a high or low credit score.  Can you have a 0 for a credit score?  What is a high score?  How is it figured out?  What affects your score?  How long does a late payment say on your report?  How do I find out what is on my report and what is the best way to get it?  Should I pay for it?  How do I improve my score?  How much should I carry as a balance on my credit card?  If I have bad credit, how do I improve it?

Andrew also talks about the best way to borrow money.  Who has the best rates?  What do I look for in a lender?  How do I get the best mortgage loan?  We cover these questions and much more.  It’s an information packed 30 minutes.  You won’t want to miss this!

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