2011 Lincoln Marathon: Results are In!

It was setting up as one of the best race days of the year.  A very cool start, cloud cover for most of the race and a light breeze blowing out for most of the course.  With 10,000 runners ready to go at 7:00am and an enormous crowd that would support the run from beginning to end, it was looking to be a good day of running.  I had hoped it would be a day that brought that sub 4 hour marathon time that I have been training to complete, but it would not be this day!

The conditions did provide me the best 20 mile time I have run to date.  It was the typical issues that took me down at 19 and kept me down for most of the last 10K.  Jamie Eikmeier joined me at about mile 22 and ran/walked me into the finish.  Thanks Jamie!  I know it was hard to track me down.

It was great to have Sarah out there for the entire race this year.  It’s always a big help when someone crews for you.  She carried all my extra stuff, made sure I was okay at the halfway mark and cheered me into the finish!  The best part was that she could drive me home when my legs would no longer work.  I snoozed the entire way back to Bellevue.

This years race once again finished on the 50 yard line in Memorial Stadium.  This year I remembered to look up at the big screen and see myself finish.  What I treat that was!  I then walked a few yards and collapsed on the turf.  The same turf that the Huskers play on.  It’s always a big deal.  About 2 minutes into my rest, someone came by and kicked me off the field.  Guess I wasn’t supposed to rest there, but some place else.  It was still worth it.

As I sit here and write this out, I don’t look forward to the next couple days of recovery.  I really pushed it hard this year and my body is going to feel it tomorrow and Tuesday.  Good thing I am taking some time off and not running another one of these silly things until at least 2012. It’s time for a much needed break.  Besides, there are family things to be done.  Josh graduates from HS in the middle of May and Phil’s wedding is in early June.  I think I will just lay low and let the body heal.  Sounds good from here.

Thanks for joining me on this adventure.  There is more to come, just a bit later.  The fall brings a couple of half marathons in Grand Island and Omaha.  Half Marathon?  Sounds good about now!

From http://www.mtecresults.com/race/show/289

Lincoln 2011Omaha 2010Lincoln 2010Kansas City 2009
20 Mile[3:07][3:10][3:13]
25K Split[2:22]
Half Split[1:59][2:03]
15K Split[1:24]
10K Split[56:14][58:27][58:00]
5K Split[28:32]