The HP TouchPad, Ford Sync, Nook, WebOS, Samsung Galaxy Tab and Home Automation – HT039

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim, Gordon, are joined by John Hughes from Code Core Technologies, and a late joining Andrew for this weeks’ installment of the Home Tech Podcast.

After a brief chat about phones and and the trials and tribulations of dying gaming consoles, the Jim kicks off, talking about his latest project, “The 28 Day Experiment” testing the HP TouchPad.  You can follow Jim’s experiences over on the website, under the “The 28 Day Experiment” tag.  The guys chat about some of the comparisons between application availability on Android, and WebOS, and where and if a tablet device could fit into their lives.  Currently, Gordon is a Samsung Galaxy Tab user, and none of Jim, John, or Andrew currently own a tablet device.  The guys also discuss devices like the Barnes and Noble Nook, and it’s potential as an mobile content consumption device.

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Gordon shares with us his thoughts on Ford Sync, and why he chose to leave this option off the order form when purchasing his new car.

John talks to us about Home Automation, and his product Elve, which allows him to automate and control all the lights, alarm, irrigation system, thermostats, and home theatre system in the home.  John explains the differences between automation and control in the home, and how a home automation system can integrate into various parts of the house.  John tells us about his methodologies around how he designed the interface to his system, which was designed to to have a simple interface, with the familiar look and feel and concepts most of us know from Microsoft Outlook.  John shares some of the challenges of integrating various systems.  John’s product, Elve, which integrates with several different types of automation hardware can be found at his company website Code Core Technologies.

The guys talk about lack of standardization in the protocols used by the various manufacturers of Home Automation hardware, as well as the complexities of bringing automation to your home, as well assome of the security concerns with respect to being able to remotely access your Home Automation system.

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