If This Then That, Security Issues and Cloud Storage – HT087


Jim and Andrew are joined this week by Gordon Schmidt for Show 87 of The Home Tech Podcast.

The guys kick off the show talking about using Windows 8 with multiple monitors, replacing failed hardware components, and upgrading laptops to Windows 7 or Windows 8 from Windows Vista to improve the user experience. The guys talk about some listener feedback, regarding Skype finally showing up in Windows Update, and some of the frustrations with online shopping.

MozyPro–secure online backup for businesses

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imageGordon talks about the Internet service If This Then That, which lets you build “recipes” to perform actions based on triggers coming from a large number of Internet services such as Twitter and GMail.  An example of a recipe is If you Star an article in Google Reader, tweet the details of the article on Twitter.

imageThe guys talk a little about Yammer, which is an enterprise social networking service recently acquired by Microsoft, which is similar to Facebook, but isolated to the enterprise user.

Gordon shares his thoughts regarding how the Microsoft Touch Mouse works within Windows 8 when tweaked for optimal usage with the Mouse and Keyboard Center.

Andrew and Jim talk about the latest spoof running around the Internet about how Samsung may have paid Apple the $1 billion fine recently rules against Samsung, with 30 trucks filled with 5-cent coins…. Hit the link for a laugh!

Jim talks about another breach of Apple ID security, where it is claied that over 1 million iPhone and iPad identification numbers (UDID) have been posted on the Internet.  To check if your device UDID has been posted on the Internet, check the link at The Next Web.

Jim talks about The Average Guy’s Windows 8 Survival Guide and the upcoming The Average Guy’s Guide to Cloud Storage.  If you find a service or feature that you would like to see added to either guide, send Jim an email at podcast@theaverageguy.tv

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