The Average Guy and CES 2013 Live Coverage

ces2013Again this year, Microsoft MVP, host of The Home Server Show, and The Surface Geeks Podcast, David McCabe, will be covering the Consumer Electronics Show, or CES, yet again in 2013. Jim will once again produce and host the coverage LIVE from the Average Guy Studios in Bellevue NE.  This will be our 3rd consecutive CES together and there will be even more coverage and craziness this year! Tablets, phones, storage, 4kTV, and all kinds of gadgetry.

Set your browser to for week long coverage of the coolest storage devices, tablets, peripherals, electronics, and gadgetry. We will also be simulcasting the event at both and Dave will be on the show floor and all around Las Vegas from January 6th to January 11th. He will also be attending many after shows and press parties to bring you exciting new gear and wacky antics. He is not shy and loves to poke a microphone and camera in front of everyone from booth folks to CEO’s of major companies. Jim will be hosting coverage as well as the interviews and hangouts in between.

Here is a sample of what we did last year:

Broadcast Schedule (Pacific/Central)

Sunday, January 6th – 3/5:00pm – 8/10pm
Monday, January 7th – 11am/1:00pm – 10/12:00pm
Tuesday, January 8th – 11am/1:00pm – 10/12:00pm
Wednesday January 9th – 10am/12:00am – 9/11:00pm
Thursday, January 10th – 11am/1:00pm – 10/12:00pm

You will be able to chat directly with Dave and Jim during the live broadcast. It’s been common for him to take questions and requests from viewers and answer them by finding a product or someone to talk with. It’s a lot of fun and you can experience a whole lot of CES and Las Vegas without leaving home or work.

Follow and know

The best way to stay up to date with Jim and Dave and the CES Live crew is to follow them on Twitter. @jcollison, @homeservershow and @surfacegeeks Otherwise, keep your browser on

Spread the word

We have a Twitter hash tag that we are all going to use when talking about the live coverage or CES in general. If you tweet, use the tag! I also have a short link to this page. This will be the main page for all CES. Schedule, links, etc. – Always brings you back to this page.
#LiveCES – Use this twitter hashtag

A Look at the Schedule

and what not to miss– All times are Pacific Time Zone – This schedule is always in flux so check the Live page frequently.

Sunday, January 6th

[4:00][7:00] PM – CES Unveiled at the Mandalay Bay. This is jam packed coverage of CES vendors. Dave will be popping in and out during the entire time. Some of the fun is meeting other bloggers and getting them on camera. Some famous folks could be popping in.

Monday, January 7th – Press Day at CES (Press Conferences) Don’t miss 7 to 10PM, Pepcom!

[10:00] AM – 4 PM Various press conferences. It’s the warmup day for streaming and covering CES.

[4:00][8:00] PM Samsung Mobile Recharge

[7:00][10:00] PM Pepcom Digital Experience at the MGM Grand. (spotty 3G) Another off site CES show that is full of vendors. You never know what kind of cool stuff Dave will find. Depending on 3G signal Dave will pop in and out. Again, it’s another chance to see some of the other authors and podcasters you follow.

Tuesday, January 8th – All day CES show floor coverage. Don’t miss Showstoppers at 6 PM

Open Booth Coverage – What do you want to see? 4K TV’s? Gadgets, big vendors? This is the first day of CES so if it’s a really popular item it might be hard to get to it! You know I’ll try though! If there is huge emerging news we can get to it and cover it live!

Companies I have on my list for Tuesday:

Buffalo Technology, iStabilizer, Netgear, HTC, NewTek, Tiffen (Steadi Cam products), Twonky
[2:00] OWC, Gloves and USB charger
[3:00] Samsung Windows 8 Phones and Tablets

[6:00] PM [10:00] PM: Showstoppers at the Wynn. This is the cream of the crop of off site CES presentations. Dave will get food and drink and then hit the floor! It’s this show where I’ve met some awesome folks. Ed Bott and Cali Lewis as an example.

Wednesday, January 9th – All over the LVCC show floor. Don’t miss 7 – 8 P.M Broadcast from Meetup

10 AM Synology/ioSafe
12 – [1:30] QNAP
[1:00] Lian li
[1:30] Genius, tablet peripherals,
[2:00] HDBaseT Demo (tentative)
5-[8:30] Kingston

[6:00] Meetup with DMZ, Marriott Bistro Lounge, across street from LVCC. 7 – 8 Live Broadcast. Say hi to listeners and bloggers from our community.

Thursday, January 10th – Venetian Day

Corsair, Asus, AData, D-Link, SymForm, TVF

Afternoon – Lenovo

Open Booth Visits – What can we find that’s interesting? Tell me where we need to visit!

Week Wrap Up – Dave pops in

[5:30][7:30] TweetHouse @ Cili Restaurant at the Bali Hai Golf Club (not sure about how much live action I’ll get here)