Mario Blandini on the Drobo 5N, GPS Tagging, and the success of the Raspberry Pi, After Show Video – HT103

Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumbJim (@jcollison), Andrew (@unrealshots) and Mike Howard (@jpeg2RAW) are joined this week by Ces White (@iDexMedia) and Special Guest Mario Blandini from Drobo for show 103!

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This week, The Average Guy Network is the first to break the news on the Drobo 5N, when the guys are joined by Special Guest, Mario Blandini from Drobo.  Mario talks about some of the new features in the Drobo 5N, as well as some of the features that are coming to the entire Drobo range.

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Mike talks about the latest security flaws found in Java, and what this means to the average user.

Mike and Andrew talk about Geotagging your photos in Adobe Lightroom, and a GPS logging application called GPS Logger for Android.  Fitness tracking applications such as Runkeeper and Endomondo also give you the ability to create the required GPS Log to enable tagging of your images.

Andrew talks about the success of the Raspberri Pi, which has now shipped over 700,000 units, which is incredible, given initial thoughts were that the device may have sold as many as 1,000 units!

The guys go on to discuss the Verizon case study, where one of their customers identified an employee who outsourced his role to China.


In content you can only get on YouTube, I have uploaded the post show discussion.  Mike Howard talks about some new equipment he had purchased.

The guys close out the show, talking about Jim and Mikes’ new audio mixers, from Mackie – hit the video below to see some of the abuse the Mackie mixers can take!


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