Top 10 Posts for The Average Guy in 2013

I was inspired by my friend and podcast guest host Paul Braren to create this Top Ten list of 2013.  It’s been a great year for and 2014 looks even brighter!  Hope you enjoy and find this useful.


Some year over year stats before we get started

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Just a note:  Christian installed a new service in late December of 2013 and we have already seen a significant improvement in Bounce Rate (now < 10%) and Pages / Visits now climbing to 3 and 4.  Here is a December snapshot.


Thanks Christian!  Now to the Top 10!

10.  Home Networking, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, Lights Out, the HP N40L, N54L and the Deal with NASA Interns – HT108

9.  The Average Guy’s Cloud Storage Know It Guyde

8.  Desktop Replacements: The Android Mini PC Option with a Tronsmart MK908

7.  New to Podcasting? Past Audio Equipment and the Audio Technica ATR2100 and On Stage Stands MY325 Review

6. HP Microserver N40L and N54L BIOS Mod, MSE Has Issues, Great Price for Office with Home Use Program,, Unlimited Storage with Pogoplug – HT104

5.  Home Networking, pfSense, Motorola Cable Modems, D-Link Routers and Gigabit Switches – HT106

4.  Acronis One-Click Restore: PC Restore Made Easy

3. Install the Old Version of Windows Live Essentials on XP

2. Blogging from Windows 8 using Windows Live Writer 2012

And the #1 Post for all of 2013 was…

1.  A Special First Look at the HP ProLiant MicroServer Gen 8 Ultra Micro Tower Server G1610T – HT129

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