Ask the Podcast Coach for Aug 2, 2014

This week on AtPC: Dave asks the question, “What do you do with old shows?  Jim talked about using MediaFire at as a potential source for cloud storage. 

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Cloud Storage is broken up into 3 categories:

1. Sync – If you update the local file, it is automatically updated in the cloud.  Some services offer versioning

2. Backup – Files are backed up at a specific time (hour,day,week, month) and versioning is the norm.  You never access these files for use.

3. (New) Private or Aggregation – Files are accessed via the cloud but never move from their physical location until they are needed.  Think of it like a catalogue or a front end to private storage networks

The accepted rule for backup best practices is the three-two-one rule. It can be summarized as: if you’re backing something up, you should have:

  • At least three copies,

  • In two different formats

  • With one of those copies off-site.

We asked the question, “What exactly can you do to with your Amazon Affiliate link?”  Sure, the terms and services are important, but what does it really mean?  You can support the Tech Scholarship fund here by using

The question is asked, “Do you release your podcasts on a schedule or do it all at once when you are first starting?”  It’s not totally clear what the best ways is. 

Daniel J Lewis called in and asks the question, “What will happen now that Apple has bought Swell?”

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