Ask the Podcast Coach for February 28, 2015

This week on Ask the Podcast Coach, Dave and Jim talking about missing items on your website.  RSS links, iTunes links and a way to contact you are among the top items.  We cover some details around the plugin Social Subscribe and Follow from Daniel J Lewis.  You can see this plugin here at  Dave talks about the Academy of Podcaster Awards that we just recently announced.  John called in to talk about mics and he mentioned the Roland CS-10EM Binaural Microphone Earphones.  You can find those at:

It pairs nicely with the Rolqand R-05 Studio Wave/MP3 Recorder:

An interesting option for podcasters.  If you are looking for a great mic for podcasting, both for beginners and pros, look at the Audio Technica 2100.

We wrap up the show with some discussion around doing a call in show.  Dave gives a break down on what we use to do Ask the Podcast Coach.

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