Dewain Robinson, Home Automation with Lowes Iris, Keen Smart Vents and Arlo Cameras – HGG263

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Iris V2 Links:

Community Link:

Iris Blog:

Platform Updates:

Coming Soon: June 2016 Version 1.10

FEATURE:  Multiple Places Per Account

For Iris users that have Iris systems in multiple homes, you can now manage ALL of your Iris systems from the single Iris app interface and login.

FEATURE:  Add a Person (Permissions Based)

Iris users can now choose to invite users (either existing Iris users or those without Iris systems of their own) and control the level of access each user has to the account owner’s system. When inviting a new person to participate, Iris users can choose among the following 3 options:

Full Access:  A guest given ‘Full Access’ permission will have the ability to view your dashboard, Scenes, Rules, Devices, History, and other People associated with your account. Full Access users, however, will not be able to see or modify the account owner’s billing information.

Full Access is designed for members of immediate family or anyone living at the location and grants the SAME level of access to the Iris system as the account owner, with the exception of viewing/editing billing information. This means that the Full Access user can add/remove people from the Account Owner’s place, view or delete camera recordings, access all devices, edit and create rules and/or scenes, etc. For this reason, it is suggested that Full Access be granted only to those the Account Owner trusts to use this access responsibly. To enroll a guest with Full Access, you MUST supply a valid e-mail address for the guest.

Locks, Alarms & Notifications:  This level of access will provide the user a unique PIN code that would allow them to ONLY control alarms and specific door locks designated by the account owner.

Locks, Alarms & Notifications access is designed for close family and friends, neighbors, and service personnel. This designation is also ideal for children without a smart phone or those that you would like to grant access to your place without giving them the ability to control your entire Iris system.  For those users that do have a smart phone, you can add them to your notifications list and they will receive notifications that you have elected to send to them (any combination of smoke & CO, Security & Panic, Water Leak and Care alarms).

Notifications Only:  This level of access will simply add the person to the Iris Account Owner’s Alarm Notification list and provide them with alerts to alarm events within the Iris Account Owner’s home. Notification Only access is designed for distant relatives, friends and/or neighbors.

FEATURE:  Enhanced Push Notifications Management

For Iris users that may access their system via multiple mobile devices, you can now manage the specific devices that should receive notifications.

In the event that you log into the Iris app with your credentials from someone else’s phone, users can now delete that specific phone from the notifications list so that only the desired devices will receive push notifications about your Iris system.

This feature is ideal for users that may switch devices or loan a device to a user but do not wish to continue receiving push notifications about that user’s Iris system.

Last Update: Version 1.9 (1.9.1) April 2016

Scheduling Enhancement: Sunrise/Sunset option added to scheduling

Feature:  Rotate Camera 180°

Device Support:  Somfy Blinds & Controller

Device Support:  Iris Water Leak Sensor

Device Support:  iPhone SE

Device Support: Yale ZigBee Locks

Added Support for the following models:

◾Yale Push Button Deadbolt (Model YRD210 PB DB)

◾Yale Touchscreen Deadbolt (Model YRD220/240 TSDB)

◾Yale Push Button Lever Lock (Model YRL210 PB LL)

◾Yale Touchscreen Lever Lock (Model YRL220 TS LL)

Device Support:  OSRAM BR30 On/Off/Dim & PAR38 Models

Added Support for the following OSRAM Lightify bulbs:

◾PAR38 OSRAM Lightify  On/Off/Dim White 120 LED light bulb (Model # 74165)

◾BR30 OSRAM Lightify  On/Off/Dim White 65 LED light bulb     (Model # 73833)

Iris Version 1 going out of service on 6/30/2016

Iris adding Professional Monitoring Service:

Lowe’s customers in select markets and where licensing allows (TBA) will be able to take full advantage of professional monitoring for their Iris system for only $19.99 per month starting in Q2 2016. This new service includes the Iris Premium Service ($9.99 monthly value), offering advanced ways to monitor and control the home, including notifications and calls to family and friends in the event of an alarm. Also included with Iris’ professional monitoring service is the Iris cellular backup service, which provides connection when homeowners’ broadband or WiFi goes down ($4.99 monthly value). An additional purchase of a cellular modem is required to enable cellular functionality.

Iris Discontinues Support for:


Blue Line Energy

Realization of not all things need to be integrated:

  • Do I need this to be integrated to function?
  • What is the problem that I am trying to solve?
  • What do I loose when trying to integrate vs not integrating?
  • Am I cluttering up my interface?

Keen Smart Vent:


Shark Tank Audition Video:


They will fall on your head!!

Ceiling Mount Kit:

To Smart Bridge or not to Smart Bridge


Amazon Link:


  • Completely Wireless
  • Weatherproof Indoor/Outdoor
  • HD Video 720p
  • Cloud Recording for up to 5 devices for free
  • Night Vision
  • Magnetic Mount

Arlo Hub – Separate Wireless network only for Wire-Free Model cameras

3 Camera Types:

  • Arlo Wire-Free
    • Indoor / Outdoor
    • 720p
    • Motion Alerts
    • No Audio
    • 110 degree of view
    • No 24 hour non-stop recording
    • $160 (bundles available)
    • Silicon Covers available


  • ArloQ
    • Indoor
    • 1080p
    • Motion and Sound Alerts
    • Audio Recording
    • 130 degree of view
    • 24 hour recording capable
    • Two way Voice
    • $220


  • ArloQ Plus
    • Indoor
    • 1080p
    • Motion and Sound Alerts
    • Audio Recording
    • 130 degree of view
    • 24 hour recording capable
    • Two way Voice
    • Local Storage capable (SD Card)
    • PoE
    • $250

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