Bob and Ryan from with new Camera Recommendations, Chip Markets, NVMe Drives and Deconstructed Art – HGG503

We have Bob and Ryan back from and we spend the first part of the show with a new Camera Recommendation from Bob (Sony aZV-E10) and the New Rode Wireless GO II. We spend some time talking about the current chip shortage and what does it mean for schools. Jim has a new 1TB NVMe drive to show off and we look at 3 x 2TB NVMe drives that were looked at by Bob. We look at some cool art with deconstructed iPhone art and wrap it with some talk about a new Creative Sound Blaster Play! 4 USB DAC. All that and more!

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I’ve  been enjoying your show for the last few weeks.  On your most recent episode (502) of Home Gadget Geeks, your guest talked about running direct burial cat6 to an out building like a barn.  I would like to add that if someone does that, they should add a surge suppressor on both ends of the cable.  There can be an instance of static electricity differential between the 2 buildings that can lead to damage of the network equipment.  It doesn’t happen often, but can.  I was called into a customers location to work on their network and bring it up to speed.  (It was a mess.)  They had copper run to one of the outbuildings for the last 10 years with no issue without surge suppression.  Just a cheap insurance and precaution.


Also, as a side note about the Sony a6100.  I have an a77 and love the camera.  You can get an adapter from Sony that will let the mirrorless cameras use the regular mirror camera base lenses (Sony calls them a mount.)  The old Minolta lens should work with it as well (I use Minolta lenses from my old film days.)  Just keep in mind the old film lenses are full frame and most newer cameras are APS-C size so the specs of the lens (e.g. 22-80mm) is different on APS-C.  And mirrorless (e-mount) will not work with a-mount cameras.  So, getting the mirrorless with the adapter and getting the a-mount lenses means she can upgrade to a regular DSLR and already have lenses for it down the road.



Sony aZV-E10

aZV-E10 Black Mirrorless Vlog Camera Body | Sony US

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Rode Mic

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Chip Shortage

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NVMe Drive

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Deconstructed iPhone Art Review

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Creative Sound Blaster Play! 4 USB DAC Review

Creative Sound Blaster Play! 4 USB DAC Review – Page 2 of 4 –


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