5 Gadget and Design Ideas to Transform Your Outdoor Enjoyment

Outdoor graduation celebrations will soon be in full swing, as will Memorial Day barbeques and Father’s Day porch side relaxing. 

How can you improve outdoor living spaces & make your home’s exterior really pop? 

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Start by deciding the purpose you want your outdoor living area to serve. Do you often host barbeques or outdoor candlelight dinners? Or do you want a cozy corner to put your feet up and relax? Or perhaps a big fire pit? Take your time to decide and then consider a layout to use the area effectively. An outdoor living area must be linked with the inside to make the setup more practical.
Using an application like Smartdraw https://www.smartdraw.com/ can really come in handy for something like this. Find out for yourself how easy it is to design and plan landscapes with SmartDraw’s landscape planner. Try it out for FREE to get started.

Lighting is a must

Add lights based on the pattern and style of your home. Layer-up lighting can accent both sides of the porch, and showcase historic architectural features. Use uplights to draw attention to items on the porch, and embrace spotlights to showcase favorite plants or trees. A hanging front porch lantern can match the pattern and design of the space and be an attention-grabbing showstopper!
Imagine your backyard changing into a colorful wonderland with the touch of a button. Or your driveway lights turn on the moment you arrive home. Philips Hue is a smart wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right setting for any moment in and outside. Bring your outdoors to life with a range of specially designed outdoor lights. 

Go bold with the front door & entry

If your outdoor walls have white, gray, or any neutral tones, then add some pop. It is bold. It is refreshing. It is aesthetically pleasing. And nothing is more trendy than a combination of pop colors with neutral tones.
No matter what the design, pair your door with a Ring Cam from Ring.com. They are on a mission to make neighborhoods safer — starting at the front door. With world-renowned Video Doorbells, convenience and peace of mind are always at your fingertips whether you’re home or away.

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Grow your garden with flower boxes

One of the top advantages of using flower boxes is making your garden bigger. If you love to garden but have no space to have one, flower boxes are a great choice. You can put them anywhere, whether it is a window sill or a deck, a pavement or a staircase.
Get an all-in-one kit to start with that will help with all your gardening needs. The Deer Proof Cedar Complete Raised Garden Bed Kit will help with both flowers or if you decide to grow a vegetable garden. 

Stain or paint the porch

Without spending a lot of money, you can transform your porch with a coat of paint. If you are dealing with an unsightly concrete block in the porch, make the area look polished by staining the concrete. 
Check out your local Home Center for details on different paint options to get your project started. Also, ask about getting the right painting tool for the right painting job! Having the right tools help every time.
Good luck with your new projects and let me know how it goes. We cover a lot of this tech on Home Gadget Geeks each week. Have a listen here or check out all your podcast options at https://HomeGadgetGeeks.com