Randy Walker with WordPress Updates, Tips and Tricks for 2023 – HGG580

This week we sit down with Randy Walker to dive into the world of WordPress and ask the question, why is WordPress still important? Before we start in on WordPress, Randy has a new podcasting mic to talk about, the M2 MicTrak from Zoom. We then discuss staging for upgrades and development work, focusing on transitioning to full-site editing on WordPress. Along the way, we’ll explore some indispensable plugins such as Redirection, Podcast Importer, and the dynamic duo of Contact Form 7 + Flamingo. So, grab your headphones and join us as we unravel the mysteries of staging, upgrades, and all things WordPress with our special guest, Randy Walker (a little AI help here!) Thanks for listening!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #580 of Home Gadget Geeks brought to you by the Average Guy Network.

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Show Segments:

New gadgets. ([1:40])

Why WordPress when there are things like Squarespace? ([9:04])

Working with plugins and staging. ([14:02])

Full site editing and user groups. ([26:02])

The worst part of editing in. ([30:30])

What kind of plugins do you need? ([36:05])

How do you evaluate multiple plugins? ([39:41])

Managing broken links and 404 errors. ([44:56])

How to disable plugins. ([49:40])

The power of plugins. ([52:36])

The process of installing and updating a new theme. ([58:23])


Find more on Randy at https://randy.xyz/

M2 MicTrak 32-Bit Stereo Handheld Recorder

Redirection – https://wordpress.org/plugins/redirection/

Podcast Importer – https://wordpress.org/plugins/podcast-importer-secondline/

Contact Form 7 – https://wordpress.org/plugins/contact-form-7/

Flamingo – https://wordpress.org/plugins/flamingo/ and to disable the address book – https://wordpress.org/plugins/disable-flamingo-addressbook/

Long Drink: Mentioned in the preshow pour – https://www.longdrink.com/wheretogetit/zipcoderesults.aspx

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