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Worried About Losing Your Hard Drive to Fire? Worry No Longer!

What is your worst nightmare?  Public speaking?  Getting married?  Nude in public?  Mine is losing all my data that is stored on my Windows Home Server to a fire.  I can see it now…the house catches fire and like a good father I race to get my wife and children to safety!  Just as I go running back into the flames to grab my computer equipment (oh, and you know I would!) the roof collapses into my basement and the house is a total loss!  Everything digital is gone.  What a sad day that would be! It doesn’t have to

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iPod Touch 3.0 Software Is Now Available

If you have been following my cell phone saga, you know that one of the requirements I have for the new cell phone is iPod touch like functionality.  I currently own a Touch and love it!  I use it mostly for listening to podcasts and music, but do find time to use the many applications from time to time.  But, carrying around two devices (especially since the Touch is Wifi only) is a real drag and I want to combine them into one.  I will continue to look.  My Verizon contract expires on September 11th.  I will make a decision

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The Home Server Show 45 – Add Ins I would like to see

Show 45 is all about the Add-In competition sponsored by  Since the competition was closed for submission, Dave shared with us his submissions and some Add-In’s that he wanted to see.  I joined the discussion  for news and color analysis as well as John (aka Diehard) and Chris Lux.  It was a fun show to record with these guys and I hope you enjoy it.  We are continuing to  work on the new show format with these guys so hopefully the segments will be cleaned up soon.  Make sure you listen to the whole show this week.  Dave added

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The Home Server Show 44 – Google Analytics with Windows Home Server

Show 44 rounds up the news for the week and Dave talks about his post that shows you how to add Google Analytics to your Windows Home Server web pages.  You will want to refer to the Google Analytics post for all the real details and a step-by-step method showing you how to add this tracking mechanism to your server.   I once again  join the show for news and updates.  Let us know if you like this format. Links and News Items mentioned on the show WHS Update for Netbooks Zune HD Add-In:  Recorded TV Manager updated for Windows 7

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A $300 Windows Home Server? Now Will You Join the Game?

One of my favorite Home Server Guys (besides Dave McCabe) is Donavon West over at  He just posted a new “how to” on building your own  Home Server on the cheap.  We can all use the help in this struggling economy!  Thanks Donavon! The full link is here: Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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