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The Home Server Show – 49 Avast and Antivirus software on your Windows Home Server

The Home Server Show – 49 Avast and Antivirus software on your Windows Home Server On today’s show we talk about whether or not you should run Antivirus software on your Windows Home Server. We also go in depth on Avast for Windows Home Server.  There is a lot of info in this show and you will find the links to all topics discussed in the show notes at Let Dave know what antivirus software you are running on your WHS and how it’s running for you. Contact Dave here. News and Items discussed on this episode Top Internet

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ioSafe Solo Install (Part 1) – At 1 TB, It Is The Real Deal!

After watching Dave burn his “evaluation” drive from ioSafe, I knew I had to have one.  No, I’m not going to burn mine, but I am going to install it on my Home Server as a back up drive and use it to store copies of my files and PC backups.  Safely and soundly. I purchased it from Amazon (full disclosure: ioSafe did nothing to influence this post) and saved almost $100 off the list price from  Right now it has free shipping (ordered it last Friday and got it the next Thursday – 6 days) and comes in

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The Home Server Show 48 – ioSafe CEO Robb Moore

We (Dave, Chris, John and I) got together for another Home Server Show.  The full link is here: OverDrive Audiobooks as mentioned by Chris Lux. Congratulations to Jared Finkenbinder for winning AIC 2009.  Announcement at Add-In:  Fireplay Installer Jim Collison Blog – Follow Jim’s SmartPhone Search Long time listener and friend of the show, Jose Ortiz, Pixel Concept – Tech news with a heavy dose of Cell Phones. ioSafe – It has been fun doing this review and video.  I think that everyone should have one of these drives. 500Gig external ioSafe Solo for less than $150.  What

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The Cell Phone Quest – Part 3

Well, I had to get to it at some point.  So here it goes…the iPhone! (Full disclosure – I do not own an iPhone nor have been give one free of charge by Apple or AT&T) Hands down, the iPhone was and still is a game changer.  As I have mentioned earlier, I have an iPod Touch (everything the iPhone is with out the phone or AT&T) and just love it.  If Sprint carried the iPhone, it would be lights out!  Done deal!  Out of the park!  But they don’t.  So I still have to make a difficult choice. What

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The Windows Home Server Reload. Follow It Here…

Friday, July 3rd  [spp-timestamp time="2:45"] PM.  I have been having some difficulty with my Windows Home Server over the last several months and it’s time to rebuild it from scratch.  It not has hard as you think, so I thought I’d bring you along on the process.  I’ll try to post some screen shots and pictures to give you a good idea of how you do it and what the home server can do.  So over the weekend, I’ll just keep adding to this post.  It will be fun.  Join me. Remember, I search (and rebuild servers) so you don’t have

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The Home Server Show 47 – MVP, Smartphones, and Fire!

In show 47, we talk about everything under the sun.  We might even mention a home server here and there!  We mostly cover the ioSafe Solo video that was posted on July 1st as well as the new MVP’s, and some smartphone discussions. Here are the links to items discussed on show 47. Windows 7 Pre-Order Announcement. Order yours today before July 11, 2009. WGS Windows 7 Options and Details MSWHS Nod32 Antivirus iPhone Client for WHS Fantastic deal on the ioSafe Solo 500 gig drive at Microsoft Smartphone??? Leave me a voicemail with Skype! Click me to call

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