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Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Paul Braren (@tinkererguy) and Mike Howard from the jpeg2RAW Podcast  (@jpeg2RAW) for Show 110!  Jim is back from Germany to talk about all the tech he used on his trip.  From Cell phones to Laptops and everything in between.

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Lumia 900 with instant uploads to SkyDrive Camera Roll.

In Germany, you really need a data plan.  Lack of any real wifi (except Starbucks)  Looked at an O2 plan that was 10 EUR for 1GB

220 was not a problem at all – seems most device have the converter built in – did buy a converter from Radio Shack

In Germany, GPS was a must.  Lumia Crapped out several times

Notes from Kyle Wilson on Twitter:

I should have brought a portable router/AP.

laptops and phones automatically adjust for voltage differences, but you still need an adapter.

you can get a cheap SIM card and data plan which is good for calling local numbers, but you still need a solution to call the US.

I also made sure my phone was unlocked before I left.

we wanted to rent a movie and stream it, but some of the sites were US only. We had to use iTunes and change the default location

Paul Braren:
1999 Las Vegas

2000 Hursley UK, VOIP

2001 Sydney, left Sat afternoon, landed 6am Monday
at work at 8:30am right through 4am Tuesday

DLT tapes and customs, shielding, etc

2006 Barcelona

trip (big honkin battery and laptop)

interesting circuit breaker in room

language barriers in cab

2006-2012 25 of 50 states, and a lot of Texas and Mississippi and Long Island
Hotel WiFi horrors, so bring your own 3G was the only way to go
(600GB downloads a part of my work)

one evening in hotel about 3GB and a 14 hour straight phone call

using 3G in hotel (unlimited) for Slingbox, virtually watching favorite shows with the family, using

Crazy huge external cellular antennas for new datacenter

Windows Home Server

2012-2013 how LTE has changed everything:

dumping the flakey Verizon MiFi 4510L

Mike Howard:

Taking a 7 day cruise in May, mainly have questions


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