Marv Bee from the IT Business Podcast with Listener Email and Is the PC Dead? – HGG608

Marv Bee from joins me this week as we open the show with listener email. Some thoughts on routers, printers, Subaru upgrades and home server storage. We wrap the show with the question, “Is the PC dead?” Marv is not too sure, and Jim says yes. What say you? Thanks for listening!

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Join Jim Collison / @jcollison for show #608 of Home Gadget Geeks, brought to you by the Average Guy Network.


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Show Segments

  • Home automation and vendor pitches in the tech industry.[0:00]
    • Jim and Marv discuss recent heavy rain in Florida and Nebraska.
    • Jim Collison and Marv Bee discuss podcasting and industry vendors.
    • Marv Bee provides insights on a vendor pitch competition and live broadcast.
  • IT business podcasts, Wi-Fi issues, and router recommendations.[4:25]
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss upcoming podcasts on IT business topics, including marketing and preventing burnout.
    • Marv Bee receives emails from listeners, including one from Neil, who provides valuable feedback and insights.
    • Jim Collison and Marv Bee discuss Wi-Fi setup and management, with Jim using PfSense and Marv using Ruckus and OpenMesh.
    • Jim and Marv share experiences with different routers and access points, including PfSense, NetGear, and OpenMesh.
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss Wi Fi issues at Jim’s shed, with Marv suggesting an access point solution.
    • Jim is hesitant to make a decision, citing past experiences with Wi Fi routers and access points.
  • Improving Subaru car entertainment system’s reliability and connectivity.[11:22]
    • Jim upgrades Subaru Starlink software for improved CarPlay connectivity.
    • Jim Collison and Marv Bee discuss the challenges of providing reliable WiFi coverage in a large warehouse.
    • Jim Shoemaker upgrades his Subaru’s entertainment system with a seamless and faster software upgrade.
  • Car UI changes and preferences for button controls vs. software-driven systems.[16:18]
    • Jim Collison and Marv Bee discuss the changes in the Subaru Outback’s user interface, which they find unexpected and confusing.
    • The UI change includes different dials and buttons, and the fonts and layout are different, making it look like a different software platform.
    • Jim and Marv discuss their preferences for car temperature controls, with Jim preferring buttons and Marv liking the new Jeep’s touchscreen display.
    • Marv’s wife has multiple printers for business and personal needs, including invoices and travel agency documents.
  • Using local storage vs cloud storage for personal and business use.[22:09]
    • Marv Bee prints show notes, documents, and labels for his business.
    • Jim Collison mentions that they still use printers for occasional runs, such as printing a rebate form.
    • Marv Bee uses a Synology NAS for local storage, citing efficiency and ease of use.
    • Jim Collison recommends Synology for NAS solutions, citing cloud backup apps and business app support.
    • Marv Bee discussed the challenges of using unsupported hardware in NAS builds and the upcoming Windows 10 end-of-life for some hardware.
    • Bill shared updates on his life, including a new job, car collection, and hobbies, and expressed gratitude for Marv’s support after a medical scare.
  • Desktop vs laptop usage for work and entertainment.[30:26]
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss the relevance of desktop PCs in various contexts.
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss the limitations of wireless connectivity for business applications and the preference for plugged-in desktops.
    • Jim Collison and Marv Bee discuss the decline of desktop and laptop sales due to mobile device usage.
    • Tony shares that three-centimeter kidney stones are common, and men can relate to the discomfort of childbirth.
  • Laptop and desktop usage for work and personal use.[37:22]
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss the use of laptops and desktops in various environments, including work, school, and entertainment.
    • Marv Bee shares a customer example of using high-end laptops with dedicated graphics and dual screens for entertainment purposes.
    • Jim and Marv discuss gaming laptop setups and monitor configurations.
  • The relevance of PCs in the modern era.[42:01]
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss audio equipment and podcasting, with Marv using an iPad and Logitech meevo cameras for his podcast.
    • Analysts expect delayed purchases to boost market through late 2023 into 2024.
  • Laptop lifespan, AI advancements, and voice typing.[46:50]
    • Collison and Bee discuss laptop lifespan and compromises in design.
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss the pros and cons of using iPads and laptops for work and personal use.
    • They agree that keyboards are essential for iPads, but kids may struggle with typing on them.
    • Jim Collison and Marv Bee discuss the potential for voice-based typing and AI to replace traditional writing.
    • Jim mentions using Chat GPT 4.0 for free, which excites him but also raises concerns about its power and potential impact.
  • AI integration in various industries, potential benefits and drawbacks.[53:21]
    • Marv Bee: Vendors adding AI to products, making jobs easier but opening up security concerns.
    • Jim Collison: Professor created 15 AI bots with specialties, then let them talk to each other, resulting in unintended consequences.
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss AI-powered commencement speakers and Microsoft Copilot.
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss AI’s limitations and ethical considerations in creating content, including intellectual property and potential replacement of humans.
  • AI, its potential, and ethical considerations.[1:00:24]
    • Jim and Marv discuss how AI is like plagiarism, using information from a larger pool faster than humans can.
    • Marv Bee and Jim Collison discuss AI and its potential to revolutionize customer acquisition and retention.
    • Marv Bee shares a story about almost getting sued by a customer and how they prevented the lawsuit.
    • Jim Collison introduces Gretchen, who will share her story of overcoming a medical condition to continue running.
    • Rich Hay will join the show in a few weeks, discussing astronomy and using a tech telescope.

More from Chat GPT

Jim Collison and Marv Bee discussed various aspects of home automation and networking, including their experiences with Wi-Fi and private 5G networks. They also talked about the evolution of desktop computing and the ethical and intellectual property implications of AI-generated content. Marv shared his frustration with poor Wi-Fi signal at his shed, while Jim discussed his struggles with the firmware of his Subaru’s entertainment system. Both speakers emphasized the importance of understanding the limitations of cloud computing and the need to find a balance between creativity and intellectual property rights.

The companies and websites discussed include:

  • Maple Grove Partners (hosting provider)
  • Christian Johnson (hosting provider)
  • Unifi (WiFi equipment brand)
  • Netgear (WiFi equipment brand)
  • OpenMesh (WiFi equipment brand)
  • Ruckus (WiFi equipment brand)
  • PfSense (router software)
  • Synology (NAS provider)
  • (Marv Bee’s podcast)

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