Ed Sullivan with the new iPad Pro M4, Macs, and Productivity: Finding the Right Tools – HGG613

Ed Sullivan joins me this week! We discussed his collection of Apple devices, including an iMac Pro, 16” MacBook Pro, iPhone 12 Pro, and Apple Watch Series 8. We discuss his decision to purchase his first iPad, a 13” 1TB model with nano-texture glass and a Magic Keyboard. We cover the accessories and apps he bought for the iPad, enhancing its streaming and productivity functionality at home and on the road. Ed also predicts Jim’s next Mac, can you guess what it is? Thanks for listening!

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Ed’s Apple Equipment:

iMac Pro  2017

      3 GHz 10 Core Xeon / Radeon Pro Vega 56 (8 GB) / 64 GB Memory

16” MacBook Pro  2021

     Apple M1 Max (10 CPU cores and 32 GPU cores) / 32 GB Memory

iPhone 12 Pro 256 GB  2020

Apple Watch Series 8 45 mm  2022

iPad Specs

iPad Model Comparison / Cheapest 11” 256 GB – $999 / Most expensive 13” $3,077

    2TB / Nano-texture glass / WiFi and Cellular / Apple Pencil Pro / Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

• 256 GB and 512GB options come with 8GB of RAM, 9 CPU cores, and cannot be configured with nano-texture glass.

• 1TB and 2TB options come with 16GB of RAM, 10 CPU cores, and they can receive nano-texture glass.

What he purchased

     13” 1TB with nano texture glass and Magic Keyboard $2348

Most powerful YouTube and Netflix watching machine ever made

Comes with 20W charger, cable and nano texture cleaning cloth


USB C headphone adapter – https://www.amazon.com/Apple-USB-C-Headphone-Jack-Adapter/dp/B07K25P3N1

Tablet Sleeve – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BQ97DJ5F

65W USB C Charger – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0C56XXVY7

USB C cables – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BWKBLP9C

USB C Hub – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09XDZKH5P

USB C Hub – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0915B3NPY

Apps purchased for iPad

Jump Desktop – https://jumpdesktop.com

Final Cut Pro iPad 2 – https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro-for-ipad

Stage Manager

Comparison of iPad models: https://www.apple.com/ipad/compare/

Show Segments

  • IPad Pro M4 purchase and Apple event excitement.[0:00]
    • Jim Collison welcomes Ed Sullivan to the show, mentioning their previous collaboration on the Ask the Podcast Coach show.
    • Ed Sullivan thanks Jim for having him on the show and mentions his involvement with the Cigar Authority and Sonic Cupcake.
    • Ed Sullivan discusses his experience with the iMac Pro and iPad, sharing his thoughts on their size, weight, and functionality.
    • Ed considers the iPad as an alternative to his laptop for web surfing, email, and podcast production emergencies.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the price range for the cheapest iPad Pro M4, with Jim estimating $700-$1,000 for the 11-inch model with 256GB storage.
    • The hosts debate the effectiveness of the iPad’s operating system and Apple’s distinction between tablet and laptop devices.
  • Using iPad Pro for video production and podcasting.[9:37]
    • Jim and Ed discuss the most expensive iPad Pro model, priced at $3,077.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the ease of using audio interfaces with USB-C, and the potential for using iPads for video editing and production.
    • Ed Sullivan demonstrates how to use iPad Pro for podcast production, video editing, and audio recording.
  • IPad Pro configuration and features.[15:58]
    • Ed Sullivan uses Jump Desktop to remotely access his iMac Pro for audio editing while traveling.
    • Ed Sullivan opted for 1 terabyte storage and 16 gigabytes of RAM in his iMac Pro configuration.
    • Ed Sullivan discusses the iPad Air’s display, finding it beautiful but with glare issues, while Jim Collison notes the device’s powerful performance.
    • Jim Collison mentions the iPad Air’s potential usefulness for road warriors, while Ed Sullivan highlights its display and performance.
  • IPad productivity, landscape vs portrait mode, and app development.[21:23]
    • Jim and Ed discuss the iPad Pro and iPad Air, with Jim considering the iPad Air a sweet spot for productivity and Ed agreeing that it’s a fine machine with a nice display.
    • Ed mentions that he’s writing off the purchase as a business expense, while Jim notes that the camera positioning has been improved on the newer model.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the preference for portrait mode when using devices, with Jim arguing that it makes more sense for writing and reading purposes.
    • Jim believes that the default landscape mode is not the most natural way to interact with documents and spreadsheets, while Ed agrees that it’s funny how we’ve become landscape-biased in some ways.
    • Jim Collison discusses the potential for mobile devices to replace computers for productivity tasks.
  • The evolution of operating systems and device convergence.[28:51]
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the limitations of using iPhone apps on a desktop computer.
    • Jim Collison and Ed Sullivan discuss the various operating systems they use, including Windows 11, Mac OS, iPhone OS, and Android.
    • Collison and Sullivan ponder the idea of having multiple devices for different tasks, such as a desktop, laptop, iPad, iPhone, and Apple watch.
  • Apple iPad Air and accessories.[33:31]
    • Jim Collison and Ed Sullivan discuss the convenience of using earbuds for phone calls and listening to music.
    • Collison wonders if there’s a “right tool for the right job” in technology, citing expensive tools like table saws and expensive tech like earbuds.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss their experiences with the new iPad, including the delivery delay and the included accessories.
    • They criticize Apple for including a low-power charger and a single magic cleaning cloth with the device.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the challenges of using USB-C headphones with modern devices.
  • Charging and protecting Apple devices.[41:16]
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss a 65-watt USB-C charger for travel, with Ed expressing concern about protecting his device in a laptop bag.
    • Ed Sullivan discovers limitations with USBC hub for iPad and switches to alternative.
  • Using iPad for work and entertainment, with focus on remote desktop and SD card reader functionality.[45:41]
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the features of the iPad and how it can be used for various tasks, including video editing and viewing.
    • They also talk about the convenience of being able to plug an SD card into the iPad for easy access to files.
    • Ed Sullivan expresses frustration with websites forcing app downloads on mobile devices, despite having a perfectly good browser.
    • Ed uses remote desktop on iMac Pro for editing podcasts, finding it doable but not a pleasant experience.
  • Using iMac as external monitor for MacBook Pro.[51:57]
    • Jim Collison wonders if remote into Ed Sullivan’s laptop might be better than desktop for production work.
    • Ed Sullivan agrees to try remote access on his laptop and report back to Jim.
    • Ed Sullivan finds the iMac Pro’s monitor beautiful and a shame it won’t work as an external monitor once Apple drops iOS support.
    • Jim Collison mentions a dongle called Luna that could allow using the iMac as an external monitor, but at a cost of $1,000.
  • Using iPad for streaming and productivity.[57:41]
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the new 16-inch MacBook Air, its resolution, and flexibility in watching movies or streaming live content.
    • Ed plans to use the laptop for work in the studio, freeing up space on the desk and providing a nicer display than the previous 13-inch model.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the MacBook Air, with Ed finding it a good travel device and Jim preferring two monitors for productivity.
    • Ed and Jim share their preferences for monitor setup, with Ed preferring two separate monitors and Jim advocating for more screen real estate.
  • Computer setup preferences and productivity hacks.[1:02:47]
    • Jim Collison and Ed Sullivan use multiple monitors for different tasks, with a physical divide between them.
    • Collison likes to keep podcasting elements close together on multiple monitors, while Sullivan prefers to keep non-work-related distractions separate.
    • Jim Collison and Ed Sullivan discuss their productivity hacks, including using Parallels on Macs and iPads.
    • Ed Sullivan suggests Jim Collison should buy an iMac Mini with an m4 chip for improved performance.
  • IPhone upgrades, battery life, and charging anxiety.[1:07:50]
    • Jim and Ed discuss Apple’s trade-in program and new hardware, with Jim expressing skepticism about upgrading his iPhone.
    • Ed mentions he’s experiencing battery life issues with his iPhone 12, while Jim reports no problems with his device.
    • Jim Collison expresses anxiety about running out of charge during a trip, while Ed Sullivan finds it less of an issue.
    • Ed Sullivan explains how Tesla’s navigation system provides information on available chargers and their estimated arrival times.
  • Electric cars, charging, and home generators.[1:12:56]
    • Ed Sullivan discusses charging his Tesla in Canada, finding four chargers within 10 miles.
    • Ed Sullivan shares his experience with a portable charger for his electric car.
  • Home charging for electric vehicles and snow blowers.[1:17:36]
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss the efficiency of electric vehicles (EVs) and home charging, with Ed mentioning he hasn’t visited a gas station in years.
    • Jim mentions he has an electric lawn mower and is considering switching to an electric snowblower, but notes that swappable batteries can be expensive.
    • Ed Sullivan and Jim Collison discuss their experiences with snow blowers and generators, sharing insights on the value of investing in high-quality equipment.
    • They also share their thoughts on the importance of having a backup generator during power outages, with Jim noting that it’s “good insurance” worth the investment.
  • New pencil with AI features and debate topics.[1:22:08]
    • Jim and Ed discuss the new pencil Pro, with Jim expressing confusion about its usefulness.
    • Ed mentions the pencil is squeezable and can bring up menu choices depending on the app.
    • Jim and Ed discuss the recording issue during their podcast.
    • Jim and Ed discuss $2.3 billion spent on fireworks for Fourth of July in the US.

More from Chat GPT

Jim Collison and Ed Sullivan discussed various tech gadgets and home automation systems, sharing their experiences and insights. They discussed the importance of home automation, the latest trends in smart home devices, and the potential drawbacks of relying too heavily on technology. They also shared their preferences and decisions regarding USB-C chargers and hubs, electric vehicle charging, and home power backup. Overall, the conversation highlighted the benefits and challenges of incorporating technology into daily life and work.

Some of the key products mentioned include:

  • iPad Pro m4
  • iMac Pro
  • MacBook Pro
  • MacBook Air
  • iPhone 12
  • Tesla electric car
  • Apple Watch
  • Jump Desktop remote desktop software
  • Final Cut Pro video editing software
  • Hindenburg Pro audio editing software
  • Anker portable chargers
  • USB-C hubs and dongles
  • Magic Keyboard for iPad
  • Pencil Pro stylus

Some key quotes from the conversation include:

  • “I think the basic iPad works for 90% of people, but I think the air is a sweet spot. You might find one model you’re old for a decent price, the m1 still holds up.” – Brian in the chat
  • “I think the next thing you’re gonna buy is, you know, you’re gonna buy that iMac Mini with an m4 chip in it.” – Ed Sullivan predicting Jim’s next purchase
  • “I don’t think much of anybody should [buy an iPad Pro]. You just don’t strike me as that kind of guy.” – Ed Sullivan to Jim about the iPad Pro
  • “I make a trip once a year for snowblower gas. But you know, if the snowblower dies, I may go electric on that.” – Ed Sullivan on his gas usage
  • “$2.3 billion in consumer fireworks. Wow, consumer so that that rules out all the, all the professional displays, right?” – Discussion on July 4th fireworks spending

Action Items from Otter

Ed will test using Jump Desktop to remotely access his MacBook Pro instead of desktop iMac Pro for productivity tasks while traveling

Jim will consider purchasing an iMac Mini with an m4 chip as his next Apple device upgrade

Ed will report back on whether remotely accessing his MacBook Pro provides a better experience than his iMac Pro when using Jump Desktop on his iPad Pro

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