Adam Hickman with X3 Strength Training and Hydration Innovations with ionbottles – HGG612

Dr. Adam Hickman is my guest this week. Adam is the Vice President of Org Development and Cast Members at Partners, a Walt Disney Company, and a former co-worker of mine at Gallup. We catch up over drinks and then dive into the show. We discuss The X3 Bar, a highly effective strength-training device using variable resistance to build muscle faster than traditional weights and other home exercise equipment. We also explore ionbottlesĀ®, advanced hydrogen water generating bottles designed in Oregon for better hydration and healthier living. Thanks for listening!

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Show Segments

  • Tech gadgets, weather, and work experiences in Southern California and Ohio.[0:00]
    • Adam Hickman discusses weather differences between Ohio and Southern California with Jim Collison.
    • Jim Collison and Adam Hickman reminisce about their time working together at Gallup.
  • Remote work, life lessons, and personal experiences.[3:11]
    • Adam Hickman shares stories about his life experiences, including living near Jeff Daniels and working for Disney.
    • Adam Hickman discusses his role as VP of Org and Cash Dev, dissertation on remote work, and pandemic impact.
  • Fitness and exercise during COVID-19 pandemic.[6:49]
    • Jim Collison and Adam Hickman discussed remote work during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • They emphasized the importance of grit, gratitude, and paying appreciation to people.
    • Jim Collison and Adam Hickman discuss their experiences with fitness and exercise during and after COVID-19.
    • Hickman talks about his past as a gym junkie and how he burned out, especially after having kids.
    • Adam Hickman wanted to improve his health and fitness, but found it difficult with his busy schedule and lack of knowledge about exercise.
    • Hickman’s neighbor introduced him to x3, a resistance training program that focuses on diet and exercise, and Hickman found the book to be informative and helpful.
  • Carnivore diet and its effects on health.[13:03]
    • Adam shares his experience with the carnivore diet and fasting, discussing the benefits and drawbacks.
    • Adam Hickman emphasizes the importance of diet in maintaining his health while traveling.
    • Jim Collison agrees that diet is crucial for fitness and weight loss, but notes that it’s important to find a sustainable approach that works for each individual.
  • Intermittent fasting, fitness, and resistance training.[17:06]
    • Adam Hickman shares his weight loss journey, including intermittent fasting and reducing carb intake.
    • Jim Collison mentions fat intermittent fasting as a program he followed for a while.
    • Jim Collison and Adam Hickman discuss intermittent fasting and fitness, with Collison sharing his personal experience and Hickman demonstrating exercises using a resistance band.
    • Hickman shows the x3 bar, a versatile tool for eight different movements, and talks about the science behind its use.
    • Adam Hickman explains the science behind variable resistance training, citing examples from NASA and the NFL.
    • Hickman shares his personal experience with the method, having lost 110 pounds and gained muscle mass through daily 10-15 minute workouts.
  • Resistance training with bands and the importance of movement.[23:44]
    • Adam Hickman shares his experience with resistance bands, mentioning they can be used for bodyweight training and are easy to use.
    • Jim and Adam discuss the importance of movement and exercise during the pandemic.
  • Fitness program using variable resistance bands for chest press, squats, and deadlifts.[26:57]
    • Adam Hickman explains the benefits of variable resistance training, including fatiguing muscles at all range of motion and avoiding muscle overload.
    • Jim Collison struggles with the mental aspect of using the force bar, as he is used to doing more reps and weight in traditional gym workouts.
    • Adam Hickman shares his experience with the elite board and the importance of proper form and resistance.
    • Jim Collison emphasizes the simplicity of the workout program and the importance of actually doing it.
    • Adam Hickman outlines a 2-day workout regimen with 4 movements: push, pull, squat, and leg lift.
    • Hickman emphasizes the importance of leg strength for older adults, suggesting ways to incorporate squats and leg lifts into the routine.
  • Fitness routines and injuries.[34:24]
    • Adam Hickman shares his fitness routine, including cold plunges and ice baths.
    • Adam Hickman experiences muscle fatigue and pain from unorthodox training methods.
  • The benefits and limitations of ice baths for athletes.[37:38]
    • Adam and Jim discuss a $29 ice bath product, with Adam finding it unrealistic for his body type.
    • Adam Hickman: Cardio burns calories, but not for weight loss.
    • Jim Collison: Tracking macros with My Fitness Pal can be eye-opening.
  • Ice baths for recovery, benefits, and tips for use.[42:40]
    • Adam Hickman and Jim Collison discuss fasting and its benefits, including improved recovery and easier implementation with consistent practice.
    • Huberman Lab podcast is recommended for those interested in the science behind ice baths and their benefits, according to Adam Hickman.
    • Adam Hickman discusses the benefits of ice baths for athletes, including increased recovery and reduced inflammation.
    • Jim Collison asks questions and provides feedback on Adam’s ice bath experience, including the ideal temperature range and the use of supplemental cold sources.
  • Ion bottles for hydrogen-rich water with health benefits.[47:37]
    • Adam Hickman discusses the benefits of ion bottles for hydrogen water, citing improved pH balance and reduced chlorine levels.
    • Hickman travels with the ion bottle for easy access to alkaline water, even while on the go.
  • Fitness and hydration with a friend.[50:00]
    • Adam Hickman shares his experience with hydrogen water, mentioning its benefits and drawbacks.
    • Jim Collison appreciates Adam’s insight and encourages him to share his fitness journey on Home Gadget Geeks.
    • Adam Hickman: open to helping others with remote work, fitness
    • Jim Collison: appreciates Adam’s insights, work in remote workers
  • Fitness and aging, emphasizing the importance of movement and resistance training.[55:22]
    • Jim Collison shares efficient ways to stay fit in his 50s, including stair climbing and push-ups.
    • Jim encourages listeners to prioritize movement and exercise, even for those outside of the target age demographic.
  • Prioritizing health check-ups and fitness.[58:41]
    • Jim Collison encourages listeners to schedule a physical exam with their doctor, highlighting the importance of regular check-ups.
    • Jim shares his personal experience with his doctor, including a PSA test and blood work, and encourages listeners to take action for their health.
    • Jim Collison emphasizes the importance of taking proactive steps towards better health, even if it doesn’t require significant investment or commitment.
    • Collison shares a personal story of improved health after prostate surgery, encouraging listeners to work with healthcare providers to achieve better health outcomes.
  • Health and wellness, with a focus on physical health and mental well-being.[1:04:26]
    • Jim Collison encourages listeners to prioritize their physical health, starting with small changes like daily walks.
    • Jim appreciates the community that has grown around his podcast, including guests and listeners who send emails.
    • Jim Collison invites Ed Sullivan and Jay Madison onto his show next week.

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Adam Hickman and Jim Collison discussed various approaches to maintaining a healthy work-life balance in the tech industry, including unconventional nutrition and fitness methods. They shared their personal experiences and insights on intermittent fasting, resistance training, and efficient fitness routines for busy professionals. Adam introduced the topic of ice baths for recovery and hydrogen water, highlighting their potential benefits and drawbacks. Both speakers emphasized the importance of prioritizing health and fitness, especially as one ages, and provided practical tips and recommendations for listeners to improve their quality of life.

Key Products Mentioned:

  • x3 bar and bands for variable resistance training
  • Ion bottles for hydrogen-rich water
  • Carnivore diet and intermittent fasting approaches
  • $30 ice bath tub for recovery


“Any movement is better than no movement.” – Adam Hickman

“Diet is probably the thing that I would contest to the most, is what keeps me as healthy as I am today, and I’m on the road a ton, either internationally or locally, there’s I stick to it to the to the extreme.” – Adam Hickman on the importance of diet for maintaining health.

“any program is better than none, and figure out something that works for you, and then stay consistent to it. Figure out a way to figure out a way to make it work.” – Jim Collison’s advice to listeners to prioritize consistency in fitness.

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