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The Home Server Show #56 – New HP MediaSmart Home Servers!

Anyone want to buy an EX470? Today’s show will feature an interview with KeepVault’s Dan Reynolds as well as the week’s big news items.  Yes, that means the EX490 and EX495,  ZuneHD, and more.  This is a good one so don’t miss it! Links and News Items mentioned on the show Add-In of the Week – Whiist iTunes 9 on WHS Leave Dave a voicemail with Skype! Click me to call Follow the Podcast on Twitter!

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Amazon vs iTunes? For Digital Music, I Almost Always Buy Music From Amazon!

It’s all about the price, isn’t it?  If you are still buying music from iTunes (and millions still are)…consider this.  Disclaimer: I purchase mostly Christian music, but the deals are good for most genres.  I do not own music from or make any money from either of these two artists, even if you purchase them from Amazon. To the left are two projects from two up and coming artists, Britt Nicole and Aaron Shust.  At iTunes, together they would cost me almost $18. Below at Amazon I can get both for just $10. Same music, better price.  It’s that simple. 

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WHS and CrashPlan for Social Cloud Backup – Part 2

Last time, we discussed using CrashPlan on our home servers to create off site backup in what we’re calling social cloud backup.  You can hear a discussion about how this works on podcast #54.  Right now, CrashPlan doesn’t officially support WHS.  In Part 2, we’ll discuss how we got it working on our machines.  It’s not too hard, let’s call it mild difficulty.  Reminder: It’s FREE! First, you need to log onto the desktop of your home server.  This can be done through add-ins like AutoExit, … … or Live Mesh.  Once on the desktop, open a web browser and

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The Home Server Show #55

On today’s show we go over the latest press releases from Apple and how that effects Home Server users.  We also take a look at the Microsoft Press release from CEDIA.  All this, e-mail,  a Blue-Ray eating 2 year old, and a coupon for KeepVault in show 55. Why didn’t the iPod Touch get a camera? Microsoft at CEDIA Microsoft’s Biggest news  from CEDIA on Media Center Full Press Release from Microsoft Make sure you listen to the end of the show for a coupon for 10% off on KeepVault for Windows Home Server. Links and News Items mentioned on

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Throw a Windows 7 Launch Party, MS Covers and Win A PC? Duh!

        Microsoft has decided to take this launch to the streets!  Maybe your street?  If you are willing to host the party, Microsoft will make sure you have the goodies.  You first will need to apply online to host a Launch Party.  If you are selected, you will choose a day from October 22-29 for the party as well as receive party favors for the gig.  Lucky one’s will not only receive a special Signature Edition of Windows® 7 Ultimate but your very own Windows® 7 Party Pack As an extra special party favor, hosts have a

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