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The Home Server Show 67 – PP3 In Depth

The Home Server Show 67 – PP3 In Depth Today, John, Jim, Chris, and Dave talk about PP3 in depth.  We will go over what we like and what we don’t like.  We will also go over a few tweets and forum posts about PP3.  Chris un-installs the beta and installs PP3 during the show.  This is another fun one with some outtakes at the end that you will not want to miss. Are you going to CES?  I’ve added a forum to discuss all things CES.  Please drop by. AJ and Diehard have been added as a moderators of

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Home Server Shows #61 and #62 – Renegades and Restoration

Dave is back this week after letting Chris, John and me run the show for #61.  Both shows are now available. Show #61 Show #62 This week we talk about how to make a Home Server out of an old PC.  We also have a listener roundtable that Dave recorded at his Windows 7 Launch Party. If you are a blogger and you would like some more exposure to your articles visit MyMovies 3 review of MyMovies The Before you Build Checklist – This is also available on the main page under popular posts. Podcast List has been

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The Home Server Show #59

The Home Server Show 59 for October 9th, 2009. In show 59 John, Jim, Chris, and Dave go over the week’s news and e-mail.  Dave has a chat with Brent Friedman, Add-In author of  WHS Mobile, TV Manager, DVD Manager, FTP Manager, and Tab Creator. Here are links to items we discussed on show 59. Lacie External Drive Add-In: Directory Watcher Roberts Podcatcher We had an e-mailer with a FireFly issue. Here is that fix. Thanks to John for digging that one out. Add-In of the Week – WHS Mobile Interview with Brent Friedman.  Find Brent’s blog and Add-In’s here.

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The Home Server Show #58

  Who invited this box to the party? This week’s show is full of news and e-mail.  Dave also hosts a roundtable with Alex Kuretz, Andrew Edney, and Drashna.  They talk about the new x510 and the new HP MediaSmart Server line. Cougar is close to releasing his WordPress for Windows Home Server Add-In How do you upgrade to a new Windows Home Server?  Start here. The AK Method The Damian Method We talk about this a bit on the podcast so be sure to listen. PP3 DelayAdd Add-In of the Week: Digital Archound Roundtable with: Alex Kuretz –

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So You Wanna Watch More College Football? Use ESPN360 and Window Media Center to Light It Up!

In my post 20 mile run recovery, I decided to watch some College Football!  Here is a screen shot from my PC.  Using and Windows Media Center with a cable card, I can stream 3 football games all at once.  I had UCLA v Stanford (upper left), Florida St. v Boston College (upper right) and Washington v ND (bottom left).  To make matters worse, I added two laptops to the mix! Yep, you are seeing it right.  I am watching 5 games all at the same time!  Besides the ones above, I added Western Michigan v Northern Illinois (left)

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