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WHS Drobo Status Beta 2–An Update

I have been working on reinstalling Windows Home Server 2011 back on my HP Microserver N40L after some issues with the first install.  Part of the process was to install the WHS Drobo Status Beta 2 Add-in from Ross Dargan that can be found over at the Home Server Show Forums. The Add-in was part of a contest that we ran over at  Ross answered the call and produced not only an initial beta, but now a second one as of January 15 2012.  Here is what it looks like on my system.  I actually have two Drobos. 

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WHS Health Add-In with the Palm Pre / Pixi (For the Window Home Server)

The newly released add-in for the Windows Home Server (more info at The Home Server Show or MediaSmart from Nigel Wilks and Alex Kuretz, which was primarily developed to render the health status of your Windows Home Server on an iPhone or iPod Touch, has an additional benefit!  Maybe only for me? I was installing it tonight and testing it on my Touch when it occurred to me that I should be able to get this working nicely on my Palm Pre.  Sure enough, it looked great!  I’ve included some photos below. The add-in is a keeper.  Thanks Nigel

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