The Home Server Show 67 – PP3 In Depth

HomeServerShowLogo The Home Server Show 67 – PP3 In Depth

Today, John, Jim, Chris, and Dave talk about PP3 in depth.  We will go over what we like and what we don’t like.  We will also go over a few tweets and forum posts about PP3.  Chris un-installs the beta and installs PP3 during the show.  This is another fun one with some outtakes at the end that you will not want to miss.

Are you going to CES?  I’ve added a forum to discuss all things CES.  Please drop by.

AJ and Diehard have been added as a moderators of the forums.  Due to fundage and time I’ve decided to stick with bbPress for now.  After the new year I’ll take another look at it but if you have suggestions for the forums there is a thread for that.

Show us your Tech – Mark Pendergrast

Add-In: Time Traveler I’m happy to see another “Pay Per Use” add-in coming to WHS.  I’ve always said, if It’s good software I don’t mind paying for it.

TV Archive Rights Issues – We talk about TV Archive a bunch.  Give a listen and please offer up your experiences.  Chris mentioned one article about rights but we were unsure if it applied to this instance.

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