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Home Server Show #116

Dave tries to pull a bait and switch show!  He had been talking about an interview with Microsoft and thought this week we would get it done.  It was not to be, but there is some extra added to the end of the show, so make sure you listen all the way thru!  We talk Feedsource for Vail, Cloudberry for Aurora, IcyDock, CES planning, BYOB, a new look for the and more.  By the way, you can join in live chat each week on Wednesdays, 8pm Central at  And don’t forget to join us for the BYOB live

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The Home Server Show #85 – Interview with Paul Thurrot!

Today’s episode features an interview with Windows Weekly podcaster Paul Thurrot.  We get in depth with Paul about his home server, storage, and Add-Ins.  Also on show 85, we talk about our favorite Add-Ins.  News, new Add-In releases, and more!     Here are the links to items discussed on episode 85. Jim’s Add-Ins… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Still Not Convinced You Need a Windows Home Server? Paul Says You Do!

Even though Microsoft went well out of their way to NOT give us any details on the next version of Windows Home Server (WHS) at CES, Paul Thurrott, author of the SuperSite for Windows and weekly host on Windows Weekly with Leo LaPorte, hinted at the fact that WHS v2 will be out sometime this year.  It comes at minute 41 in the podcast if you are interested in listening to it.  I have provided the links below. If you haven’t “gotten into” listening to podcasts (especially mine) yet, now would be a great time to start.  Podcasts are very

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The Home Server Show #69 – Merry Christmas!

This week’s show is FULL of news.  Dave is joined by Jim and John and we go over tons of news items.  Enjoy and have a Merry Christmas! HP’s Software update A Retraction.  AVAST’s false positives. Time Machine to WHS PP3 and OpenDNS Add-In: Lights Out Add-In: P80 D-Link Camera Solution for WHS More camera surveillance with WHS Add-In: Perfect Disk for WHS PP3 TV Archive and AC3 My Movies new release and trial link Artigo A2000 Review Remote Desktop for Windows7 versions that do not support RDP WGS Reader Awards The Digital Lifestyle Awards Using Windows Home Server Reader

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The Home Server Show #56 – New HP MediaSmart Home Servers!

Anyone want to buy an EX470? Today’s show will feature an interview with KeepVault’s Dan Reynolds as well as the week’s big news items.  Yes, that means the EX490 and EX495,  ZuneHD, and more.  This is a good one so don’t miss it! Links and News Items mentioned on the show Add-In of the Week – Whiist iTunes 9 on WHS Leave Dave a voicemail with Skype! Click me to call Follow the Podcast on Twitter!

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