Still Not Convinced You Need a Windows Home Server? Paul Says You Do!

WHSEven though Microsoft went well out of their way to NOT give us any details on the next version windowsweeklyof Windows Home Server (WHS) at CES, Paul Thurrott, author of the SuperSite for Windows and weekly host on Windows Weekly with Leo LaPorte, hinted at the fact that WHS v2 will be out sometime this year.  It comes at minute 41 in the podcast if you are interested in listening to it.  I have provided the links below.

If you haven’t “gotten into” listening to podcasts (especially mine) yet, now would be a great time to start.  Podcasts are very similar to a radio show (or a TV news program) that can be listened to on your computer or download to the shinny new iPod or Zune that you got for Christmas.  Both iTunes and the Zune Player give you the ability to subscribe to a particular podcast and automatically download it when the show is ready.  Try it out once and see if you like it.  I will include some links to the shows I listen to.

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Windows Weekly Podcast:

The HomeServerShow Podcast:

GeekBrief TV with Cali Lewis: