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A $300 Windows Home Server? Now Will You Join the Game?

One of my favorite Home Server Guys (besides Dave McCabe) is Donavon West over at  He just posted a new “how to” on building your own  Home Server on the cheap.  We can all use the help in this struggling economy!  Thanks Donavon! The full link is here: Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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The Home Server Show 37 – Interview with Terry Walsh of WeGotServed

Show 37 features an Interview with Terry Walsh.  Terry is the owner and editor of In the interview we talk about new WHS hardware and the new releases of WHS software. Links and News Items mentioned on the show Perfect Disk 10 for Windows Home Server The 2008 Engadget Awards.  Vote for the MediaSmartServer here. Upgrading your WHS to a Gigabit Network Add-In: Outlook for WHS Add-In: Media Center Health Monitor

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Avast! 4.8 for the Windows Home Server

To scan or not to scan (the Windows Home Server)…that is the question.  On Show #28 on the The Home Server Show, a few of us discussed just that particular question.  It was even the topic of a post in a January 2008 review at We Got Served. If you have looked for an antivirus solution for the Windows Home Server, you won’t find many.  Is that it’s not really needed?  Is it that the market for this type of software is still too soft or too much of a niche?  Could it still be too complex of a solution

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Jim Joins the Cast of Home Server Show

Well, I haven’t done anything yet, but Dave over at the Home Server Show has asked me to contribute material from time to time related to the Microsoft Windows Home Server Product.  I’ve been talking about his on my blog for some time now, so this should come as no surprise. You can find the more info on what I will be doing here or at the link below.  Enjoy! Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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Home Server Show #33 and #34 – Jim’s Been On Vacation

I’ve been out skiing a bunch and got a bit behind.  My Friend Dave however, has been very productive producing the Home Server Show Podcast.  Both show #33 and #34 are now out. Show #33 (Click it) In show #33, Dave goes over your choices as a new Windows Home Server customer.  If you are… Click for more / Podcast Player>