Home Server Show #33 and #34 – Jim’s Been On Vacation

HomeServerShow I’ve been out skiing a bunch and got a bit behind.  My Friend Dave however, has been very productive producing the Home Server Show Podcast.  Both show #33 and #34 are now out.

Show #33 (Click it)

In show #33, Dave goes over your choices as a new Windows Home Server customer.  If you are thinking about jumping into the WHS game should you build one or buy one?  If you build you have several different options you should consider.  Weigh these options vs. the Windows Home Servers that are already boxed up for you.

Links to items mentioned in the show.

Home Server Hacks 11 TB WHS

TheOSQuest.com WHS Build

VIA A2000 Barebones Server

Perfect Disk and and Diskeeper for WHS Head to Head

HP EX487/485 Shipping in the US

Show #34 (Click it)

Show #34 features an interview with VIA about their new hardware releases.  Pay close attention for  some very interesting tidbits that you won’t learn from anywhere else.

News and Items mentioned on the show.

HP Mediasmart Server Ex485 – Click here to go to HP Shopping, enter coupon code – SV0708.  Thanks goes out to the mediasmartserver.net community and forums for that coupon.  Check the link for more coupon codes. Get an EX485 new for under $500!

Add-In: SqueezeCenter for Windows Home Server 7.3.3

Add-In: MyMovies 1.05

Add-In: RipNAS 1.5

Windows Home Server Team New General Manager, Kevin Kean

Microsoft opening retail stores

VIA Interview Links

A1000 – DataSheet and Specs

A1000 Photo


A2000 Review

Detailed photos of A2000

YouTube Video of A2000


Detailed PHotos of the NSD-7800