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The new breed of computer security problems…Scareware!

From  Click to read. Many of you have already seen this type of scam or had it happen to you personally.  A window pops up telling you that your computer is in danger of being infected and you need to buy “AntiVirus 2009” to get rid of it.  These pop-ups can trick you into buying unneeded software, steal personal data and passwords, and block updates and access to anti-virus Web sites. Welcome to the wonderful world of rogue security software, also known as scareware. Scareware can attack you from anywhere (home or office) and at any time to any

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Preparing and Filing Your Taxes Shouldn’t Cost You a Bundle! How About Less Than $20?

At least in Nebraska! It seems like in years past, I have always had to use some software to file both my federal and state taxes.  I would shell out between $30 to $50 for the software and it would cover one federal form and one free e-file fee.  Then it would ask if I want it to file the state at the same time, always for a fee between $10 and $20, depending on the company.  Of course, I was in the thick of it, so I would say, why not, and pay the fee!  Last year, I covered

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Home Server Show Podcast #31

The latest edition of the Home Server Show Podcast is available.  It’s full of great info on the recent cuts at Microsoft, five things we wouldn’t really miss and what’s coming soon to the Windows Home Server!  You don’t want to miss it. You can get the podcast on iTunes or right here! Dave does a great job on the podcast.  Give it a listen. Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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New Windows Worm Hits More Than 8 Million PCs Worldwide. It’s Not Where You Think!

A new Windows worm, known as Downadup, is running free globally and F-Secure has estimated that within the last 2 weeks, it has infected well over 8 million PCs.  The numbers only continues to grow.  The good news for you is that it mostly affects business PCs and not home users.  Microsoft released a patch to fix this issue back in October but many corporate IT departments have been slow to apply patches in house.  If you have your automatic update feature turned on in Windows and have been receiving and installing regular updates, you should be fine.  You might

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New Security Tool to Help You Fight the Bad Guys! – Malwarebytes

I came across a posting over at that peeked my interest.  It is new security tool called Malwarebytes (available from that according to the site: “can identify and remove malicious software from your computer. When your computer becomes infected, Malwarebytes can provide the needed assistance to remove the infection and restore the machine back to optimum performance.” This hit my radar because I got a call from a friend a couple months back who was having problems with the Microsoft AntiVirus 2009 malware.  Malware, a portmanteau from the words malicious and software, is software designed to infiltrate or

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Burger King gets defriended by Facebook

I posted last week how Burger King has endorsed an application that rewarded Facebook members with a free Whopper if they defriended 10 Facebook friends.  It seems that Facebook has shut that site down due to what they are calling “privacy concerns.”  The official Facebook response sounded like this. "We encourage creativity from developers and brands using Facebook Platform, but we also must ensure that applications follow users’ expectations of privacy. This application facilitated activity that ran counter to user privacy by notifying people when a user removes a friend. We have reached out to the developer with suggested solutions.

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