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The Home Server Show 44 – Google Analytics with Windows Home Server

Show 44 rounds up the news for the week and Dave talks about his post that shows you how to add Google Analytics to your Windows Home Server web pages.  You will want to refer to the Google Analytics post for all the real details and a step-by-step method showing you how to add this tracking mechanism to your server.   I once again  join the show for news and updates.  Let us know if you like this format. Links and News Items mentioned on the show WHS Update for Netbooks Zune HD Add-In:  Recorded TV Manager updated for Windows 7

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A $300 Windows Home Server? Now Will You Join the Game?

One of my favorite Home Server Guys (besides Dave McCabe) is Donavon West over at  He just posted a new “how to” on building your own  Home Server on the cheap.  We can all use the help in this struggling economy!  Thanks Donavon! The full link is here: Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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The Home Server Show 42 – WHS Saves the Day with Windows 7

WHS Saves the Day with Windows 7 The Home Server Show is back after a few weeks off and today I  joined Dave as we talked about everything under the sun in this episode including how Windows Home Server saved him from a Windows 7 upgrade. Links and News Items mentioned on the show Acer launches Home Server for US markets. opens WHSTweet Add-In To listen to the show Link to the post about my new 26” monitor

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K9 and OpenDNS – A Bullet Proof Vest For You and Your PC!

If you are anything like me (and thank God most of you are not!) you don’t really need another reason to protect your kids (or yourself!) from the more “interesting” parts of the internet.  I have five kids (ages 10 to 20), four boys and one girl.  I constantly worry about what they see and read online.  I can’t help it, that is just the way I am. Years ago, I began to work through several solutions to help me control some of the content that comes in on the cable wires and is served to one of the many

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