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A Helpful Microsoft Tool You Have Never Heard Of – The Malicious Software Removal Tool

Having trouble with a slow computer?  Things not running right on your PC?  Here is another unknown tool from Microsoft that you can use to help speed things up when Windows gets you down. Most of the time, a slow computer can mean one of three things.  1.  You have upgraded your OS software well beyond your hardware.  2.  You have an install of Windows that gets used a lot (especially by kids) and has not been reinstalled in over a year. 3.  You have a virus or malware that has infected your PC and taken it over. These days,

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It’s been Upgrade Weekend! (On the Cheap of Course!)

So I spent a good part of Friday night and most of Saturday doing some much needed upgrading to the PC I use daily at home.  I know with the economy being what it is and the fact that we have thousands of dollars in medical expenses for Jon’s and Tim’s accidents this winter looming, that this may not have been the best time to do something like this.  However, I had been planning this for some time and I was able to do it very inexpensively.  If you been keeping you eye on the price of computer stuff lately,

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The Home Server Show 36 – Before you Build Follow Up

Show #36 is a follow up to the Before you Build show.  It’s a short show this week. News and Links mentioned in the podcast Microsoft’s New Server, Foundation HP Upline is calling it quits.  Did we kill it? Windows Home Server February Update Add-In:  Update to WHS Outlook Norco SS-500 Hot Swap Backplane Review What should we do with a VIA A2000? Acer’s EasyStore H340 Windows Home Server Windows Home Server Drive Balancer Utility Quick & Easy Windows Home Server OS Backup and Restore. | 4Hak3rs How to run HP Upline inside your Windows Home Server Console

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The Home Server Show #35 – Before you Install

Regardless of whether you have built your WHS or it arrived all in one piece there are certain steps you should take to get up and running with Windows Home Server.  This is not a step by step guide to installation.  They are all different.  This is more like Cliff Notes.  It’s the stuff you need to know before you get started and some tips and tricks before, during, and after installation.  I will publish a check list or a cheat sheet list to go along with this podcast. News Items mentioned on the show The Home Server Show’s new

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Jim Joins the Cast of Home Server Show

Well, I haven’t done anything yet, but Dave over at the Home Server Show has asked me to contribute material from time to time related to the Microsoft Windows Home Server Product.  I’ve been talking about his on my blog for some time now, so this should come as no surprise.  You can find the more info on what I will be doing here or at the link below.  Enjoy! Remember, I search so you don’t have to!

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