Worried About Losing Your Hard Drive to Fire? Worry No Longer!

scary picture What is your worst nightmare?  Public speaking?  Getting married?  Nude in public? 

Mine is losing all my data that is stored on my Windows Home Server to a fire.  I can see it now…the house catches fire and like a good father I race to get my wife and children to safety!  Just as I go running back into the flames to grab my computer equipment (oh, and you know I would!) the roof collapses into my basement and the house is a total loss!  Everything digital is gone.  What a sad day that would be!

It doesn’t have to be that way…

iosafe My good buddy, Dave McCabe over at the HomeServerShow.com just posted the most incredible and funny tech video I have seen in a while.  He demonstrates how the ioSafe Solo external drive can save you from that disaster.   He actually puts the thing in the middle of a fire and tries to make it fail!  If love fire (like most guys do!), you will want to check this out!  I even showed it to my wife (who is kind of a geek now) and she laughed all the way thru it.  Takes about 10 minutes.

Take a second to pop over there (click here) and watch it.  Leave a comment and let him know you heard about it from me.  Then maybe he will get one for me to burn!

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