iPod Touch 3.0 Software Is Now Available

1gen touch If you have been following my cell phone saga, you know that one of the requirements I have for the new cell phone is iPod touch like functionality.  I currently own a Touch and love it!  I use it mostly for listening to podcasts and music, but do find time to use the many applications from time to time.  But, carrying around two devices (especially since the Touch is Wifi only) is a real drag and I want to combine them into one.  I will continue to look.  My Verizon contract expires on September 11th.  I will make a decision by then.

This isn’t breaking news, but in the mean time, Apple has released the latest version of their software for the Touch, version 3.0.  The upgrade was $9.95 (it was $19.95 for 2.0!) and brings with it some new functionality that I have been waiting for patiently.  Cut, copy and paste and landscape keyboard are the top two.  The Stereo Bluetooth and peer to peer gaming are not options on my first generation Touch (Bummer).  It did require that I update about 1/3 of my applications right out of the gate.  Good to see that the application developers are moving quick on the new software.  In early tests, everything looks great!  Nice job and ABOUT TIME APPLE!  Sorry it took you so long to get cut and paste.  What is this, 1992?facebook

The Facebook application, the one app I use the most, is still not taking advantage of the landscape keyboard.  I figure that will  come in a later update.  The shake to change songs or undo text feature works on the Touch as well.  If only the iPhone was not on the AT&T network.  Some one convince me to change to AT&T please!

Back to the phone search.  The iPhone just happens to be next. 

Remember, I search so you don’t have to!