Amazon vs iTunes? For Digital Music, I Almost Always Buy Music From Amazon!

It’s all about the price, isn’t it?  If you are still buying music from iTunes (and millions still are)…consider this. 

Disclaimer: I purchase mostly Christian music, but the deals are good for most genres.  I do not own music from or make any money from either of these two artists, even if you purchase them from Amazon.


To the left are two projects from two up and coming artists, Britt Nicole and Aaron Shust.  At iTunes, together they would cost me almost $18.

Below at Amazon I can get both for just $10.

Same music, better price.  It’s that simple.  Oh, and to make things better, sometimes albums are just $2.99! 

Both play the same on your iPod and Amazon leaves you with some gas money.

Note: Not all music is this price and sometimes you have to hunt for deals, buy hey, that’s half the fun!

Quit paying too much for music! 

Remember, I search so you don’t have to!