The Home Server Show 68

home_server_show_small In Today’s show we will be going over news items with Dave, John, Jim and Chris.  We also have two interviews for you.  One is with Nigel Wilks, AKA, Cougar.  He is going to tell us about his new Add-In,WHS Health.  Dave also speaks at length with Tom S.  You know him in the forums as WODYSWEB.  This will be the first of a couple of interviews about going virtual.  Virtualization is a hot topic and we will be covering everything you need to know to get started.

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Could Anti-Virus on WHS keep this from happening?

Refreshed Home Computer Restore CD

The Download of the Restore CD

Windows Home Server PP3 Trial Download

The 12 Hour Undelete for WHS

Add-In: WHS Health

Virtualization Links Discussed


Virtual PC (on host OS, either “XP” mode in win7 or Virtual PC 2007 for vista & xp)

Hyper-V (on host server 2008 or bare metal)

VMWare Server (on host)
VMWare Player (on host)
ESX/ESXi (bare metal)
Other Players
VMWare Fusion
Boot Camp
Etc, etc, etc

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