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#19 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Interview with Ultra Athlete Jason Jaksetic

Jim, Carrie and Jamie (joined us late in the podcast) had the opportunity to do a Friday night interview with Ultra distance athlete Jason Jaksetic.   Jason blogs at his site and represent Spartan Races.   Jason walks us thru the his training, nutrition and what it feels like to compete in Ultra events as… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Podcasting Vision, How to Blog and Podcast, IBM and Watson on Jeopardy, Motorola Tablets, Mac Mini, Is AI Here to Stay? – HT012

Jim was joined again by Brian Burgess, Christian Johnson and Andrew Morris.  Jim starts the show with a bit of podcasting soul searching.  With 12 shows now in the books, what has the podcast become and who are we trying to reach?  Would love your comments on why you listen to the show and what… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Fitness Tech Podcast #18: The Tough Story of a Completed Marathon! 2010 Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll

I recently sat down with Trista Kunce (who posted to this blog back in January) and Becki Klitzke who both finished the Arizona Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon back in January.  They tell their story from the day they stated thinking about running the marathon together, through the training and what it felt like to finish. … Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Fitness Tech Podcast #17: Make Your Own or Get a Rash!

Even though Jim said “trio” (can you find it in the podcast?), I was joined again this week by Jamie Eikmeier and Carrie Adams for out 17th show.  We were live on uStream as well!  If you want to know when the podcast is live, follow Jim on Twitter at  If you want to… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Fitness Tech Podcast: Live From Walnut Creek Rec Area (Video)

February 12, 2011 – It’s Long Run Saturday!  Why do I say that, you might ask?  In typical marathon and half marathon training programs, there is always a long run scheduled for the weekend some time.  Usually somewhere between 6 and 20 miles, this run is almost always a tough one of the week!  So hey, if you have to do a long one, you might as well do it with some friends!  Welcome to Long Run Saturday! So I put the call out on Facebook (both to my peeps and the peeps in the Lincoln Marathon FB group) and

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How to use Team Viewer, Technet and Action Pack, Mac Mini, IE 9 RC, Windows 7 Family Pack, Magic Wake on LAN and Special Guest Andrew Morris – HT011

We tried 4 guys for the show this week and welcomed guest host Andrew Morris from Melbourne, Australia the this week’s edition.  In a very full show, we talked about the Team Viewer application, some discussion around the differences between Microsoft’s Technet and Action Pack software subscription services, the release of IE 9 RC, Bing’s… Click for more / Podcast Player>