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#23 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Live from Peak Races Snow Shoe Challenge in VT. Jason’s at 60 Miles

We checked in with Jason Jaksetic during this 100 Mile Snow Shoe Challenge to see how he was doing.  I was surprised at how good he sounded after what he had been through over the last 24 hours of racing.  It’s a very open and honest interview and will give you the idea of what… Click for more / Podcast Player>

Apple iPads and iPad2, Windows 7 from a Mac, Ripping DVDs, Gmail Down and You Can’t Intimidate Apathy – HT015

This week’s show includes the regulars, Brian Burgess, Christian Johnson and Andrew Morris.  The guys spend some time talking about iPad and the new iPad2.  Brian covers accessing Windows 7 from a Mac, ripping DVDs and a Gmail failure.  Christian brings some updates and Andrew talks about a PC in a box, really!   Join… Click for more / Podcast Player>

What is a Spending Plan and Who is Dave Ramsey? – FT003

The financial tech podcast is back and this week Jim Collison and Andrew Hunt walk thru the basics of a spending plan.  Oh, so you are talking about a budget?  Nope, listen and hear how a spending plan is different and why you need to have one! So is it possible to create a Spending… Click for more / Podcast Player>

#22 The Fitness Tech Podcast: Spartan Race SoCal Results, 100 Mile Snow Shoe Prep and Jason Jaksetic

On a special Tuesday night podcast, Carrie and Jim sat down with Ultra Distance athlete Jason Jaksetic and cover last weekend’s Spartan Race as well as looked forward to the Peak Races Snow Shoe Challenge that Jason will run this weekend.  By the way, the snow shoe challenge is 100 miles! Carrie talks about her… Click for more / Podcast Player>

#21 The Fitness Tech Podcast: “The Trek” Final and Guest Bart Jeseritz on the Ironman Challenge!

Jim and Jamie are in studio again and wrap up the Trek up the Tower coverage.  They were also joined by Bart Jeseritz, a Gallup employee and an Ironman athlete after completing the Louisville Challenge.  Bart talks about the training necessary to get to the event, his nutrition both before and during the event, how… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The Home Tech Podcast Extra: We Finally Meet Christian’s Dad – HT014

So after the show #13 last week, Christian’s Dad, Gary got on the line and started a discussion on something we had been talking about earlier.  I left the recorder going and this is what we got!  Enjoy a short, midweek show and let me know what you think?  Should we invite Christian’s Dad back? … Click for more / Podcast Player>