12 Things To Do At the End of the Year for a Digital Health Check – HT148

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[3:59]  What is your end of the year Home Tech Checklist?]

12 things you might have some time to do after Christmas dinner!

  1. Are your local PC hard drives still spinning?
  2. Do an inventory of all your storage locations.
    • Do you know where everything is at? Do you know the condition of them?
    • Run Belarc to do an inventory. http://www.belarc.com/
  3. Are your clients getting backed up?
  4. Are your cloud accounts still working?
  5. Can you actually restore a file?
    • Can you restore from bare metal?
    • Do a real test!
  6. Have you consolidated your pictures and videos?
    • Android to Google+ v Windows Phone to Skydrive
  7. Good time to get your documents in order and in a 2013/2014 folder.
  8. Is the data that just needs to go away?
    • Just because you can keep it, doesn’t mean you should.
  9. Is your Windows Home Server v1 getting a little long in the tooth?
  10. Check your UPS battery
    • It is backing everything up, do you know it works?
    • What about your gadgets?
    • Jim’s Battery Backup Solution – APC Back-UPS Pro by APC Link: http://amzn.com/B0038ZTZ3W
  11. Look through your boxes of old equipment and recycle some of it.
  12. Check with your friend and remind them to do the same – pass this podcast along to a friend

[56:16] Christian’s Update]


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