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Matthew Monahan from Inflection talks Digital Identities, Big Data, Millennial Trends and Entrepreneurs – Infotec 2014

  Jim Collison is an employee of Gallup Inc. in Omaha Nebraska. Find out more about Gallup Careers at http://careers.gallup.com, and start your strengths journey at http://gallupstrengthscenter.com. These videos were created in partnership with AIM, Gallup and http://theAverageGuy.tv Matthew Monahan is the CEO and co-founder of Inflection. He attended the entrepreneurship program at the University of Southern California. After dropping out and selling his first business, he came to Silicon Valley and joined forces with his brother, Brian. Inflection develops data services that help people build trust and connection on the Internet. By organizing directory information, public records, and digital

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Cyber Frontiers – Exploring Cyber Security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future Through an Academic Perspective – CF001

Christian Johnson joins Jim (@jcollison) for show #1 and the Pilot of Cyber Frontiers brought to you by the Average Guy Network. Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future Through an Academic Perspective!   Christian Johnson, a student at the University of Maryland will bring fresh and… Continue reading

The 4 Ways to Finance a College Education from Christian, Update on NASA Internship and Big Data – HT125

Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Christian Johnson for Home Tech episode #125. As a follow up episode to show #112 Christian talks about the world of financing college.  He covers Financial Aid, Scholarships, Loans and Internships in detail.  He then gives us an update on his work at NASA and then some thoughts… Continue reading

Tom Ryden, VGo Cofounder and COO Talks Robotic Telepresence Solutions for Education and Healthcare and IBM Watson is Big Data – HT122

Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Christian Johnson and VGo’s cofounder and COO Tom Ryden for Home Tech episode #122. In show 117, we spoke about the VGo Telepresence robot.  Christian was using one of these devices back in the spring to remote into NASA for his work there.  Tom was good enough to… Continue reading