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Ryan Kerschner from ThinkComputers with Reviews on SilverStone and InWin PC Cases – HGG416

Ryan Kerschner from ThinkComputers.org and a long time listener to Home Gadget Geeks (and the Home Server Show before that) joins us to talk reviews on PC Cases and a Fanless Mini Desktop PC. We look at the SilverStone LD03 Case (links in the show notes), Azulle’s Byte 3 Fanless Mini Desktop PC and the… Click for more / Podcast Player>

The BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Podcast #25

Doc’s RAID 5, Tim has a bad memory? AMD 1100T, AMD 69xx series release date, GTX 570 is loose.  This week we talk about some new products and spend some time discussing Software RAID as part of a ongoing quest for mass storage to fill the gap created by the removal of DE.  Hope you enjoy the podcast and remember to join us for the BYOB live show on December 18th at 11am PST.  Bring your questions and hope to see your there. Listen to the Podcast at http://homeservershow.com/byob-episode-25.html  

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The BYOB (Build Your Own Box) Podcast #23

The boys at BYOB have a Big show this week. There is some new tech news. Mike and Michael talk about the Samsung Galaxy TAB. Michael talks about his Watercooled i7 rebuild. Tim Conquers the UEFI install. Having monitor envy? Looking for a multiple monitor setup? We have some suggestions to get you going in multi desktop glory.  Again thanks to all that participated in our first live show on November 27th..  We appreciate the support. Listen to the show #23 at:  http://homeservershow.com/byob-episode-23.html

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