Home-Tech-Album-125x125_thumb1_thumb1Jim (@jcollison) is joined this week by Mike Howard from jpeg2RAW.com and Jay Moore for Home Tech episode #120.  Mike started the conversation off with some discussion around Citrix’s ZenServer after having trouble installing ESXi.  Jay Covers his work with ESXi and both home and at work.

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Disk2vhd – http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/ee656415.aspx

Jay’s lab setup

Two Lenovo Desktops 7483AG2 Dual core 3Ghz

5GB and 16GB of memory

USB thumb drives for install

Open Filer Box – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Openfiler

HP N40l Dual 1.5 GHZ Turion 8 GB RAM

Hard drives

  • 1 250GB – OS and such
  • 1 1TB – Lun1
  • 1 1TB – Lun2
  • 1 2TB – Lun3

The domain controller


Virtual Center


Virtual Side running in VMWorkstation v 8 on my desktop

Virtual Center




iSCSI Virtual Appliance

150GB into 5 30GB drives.


I was reading this about VT


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