Black Friday, Cyber Monday, OCZ Bankruptcy, Buy The Right Tablet!, DNS Explained, nslookup, TestDisk, Thoughts on Google Glass & Privacy – RRPG025Kevin Schoonover(@schoondoggy1979) joins Jim (@jcollison) and Rich O’Neil (@dvn7) for RRPG #25. We’re all over the map on this one as you can tell by the title of the article. Kevin’s been coming up with a lot of great online deals and posting them in the Home Server Show forums.

Listen Mobile:

Kevin’s notes:

  • Determine your needs before you buy anything – server, laptop, PC, tablet. Don’t assume anything, do your research!
  • STec was acquired, OCZ files, who will be next?
  • This weeks project 1: My wife is moving from an Android phone to a Windows phone
  • This weeks project 2: Setup three Nest Protect CO detectors in our home
  • Post BF Deals

Jim – Slacking today

Rich’s notes

  • Consumer SSD giant OCZ files for bankruptcy! Problems with Vertex line (and other things??) was downfall. Toshiba to acquire?? Read it here:

  • TestDisk.exe – recover deleted partitions:
    • did I accidentally delete a 1.5TB partition about 2 hours before the show?? yup
    • and did TestDisk restore that partition in about a minute?? yup
    • It’s been around for years. Rock solid, IMO.


From my Intro to Networking class at University of Southern Maine:

  • DNS – Domain Naming System
  • Fun things to do with nslookup
    • type nslookup at the command prompt and press Enter
    • then try each of these switches and see what you get when you do a nslookup on a site:
      • set type=CNAME
      • set type=MX
      • set type=NS
      • set type= AAAA
  • Still using for additional lessons on networking
    • Free through my school’s connection with Microsoft’s Dreamspark
    • Otherwise – $29/$49 per month
  • Google Glass – Is it weird? Creepy? Are you concerned about privacy?
  • Multiple VM instances of Spinrite running in my WS2012E machine
    • ripped the disk to ISO and built vm’s on that
    • ikon, watch out!



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