Can Podcast Listeners Turn into Leads? You Bet They Can – Jim is Featured on Dave Jackson’s School of Podcasting

SOPFor the last couple of months I have been working on an experiment with Dave Jackson from the School of Podcasting.  We have been trying out different solutions for LIVE podcasting using platforms like, and Skype.  We are live on Saturday mornings from [10:30] to 11:30am Eastern over at and have been taking calls from the audience.  It’s been very fun!

Dave recently took a bit from one of those shows and used it on an episode of the School of Podcasting ( where I talked about your podcast having a direct effect on generating leads for your organization.  In my case, that’s with Gallup’s Called to Coach over at and the show we do over there twice a month.  If you haven’t seen or heard me over there yet, give that a click.

Big thanks to Dave Jackson and all his work in the podcasting community.  Please join us LIVE on Saturday morning at 10:30am Eastern for the new show.  If you want to get automatically notified that the show is going live, follow me on Twitter (@jcollison) and will tweet just before the show starts.